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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Masters & Mets...

...I gotta blog more, especially since my radio days have all but run out.

The Masters: Sorry to say for the golf purists who read this blog or any all-sports fan blog but the Masters began and ended when Tiger and Phil butchered the final two holes. I felt like if one or both guys posted an -11, the field would come back to them. I like Angel Cabrera, nice guy...don't care to watch him and once Phil did his "Phil favorites" at 15 and 17 and Tiger hit a tree, I turned to the Cavaliers beatdown of the Celtics.

On the good side it made for great television. I'm not a Phil Mickelson fan, at all. I think he's a smiley fake, the guy who'll smile at you during dinner while feeling up your wife's leg. But he makes great television, even more so than Tiger. And watching Phil on the front and back nine was mesmerizing along with watching Tiger keep pace but keep his distance until they were both at -10.

And thank you Augusta for giving the drama of The Masters back to us after sitting through Trevor Immelman's boring victory march last year. Now that Hootie is done pulling the strings I hope we won't have to worry about "Tiger proofing" anymore.

The Mets: Not surprised my beloved Mets lost the opener of Citi Field, it's hard to win those things. I remember a while back when the ChiSox opened New Comiskey with a 16-0 loss to Detroit. These things happen and especially when the enigmatic Mike Pelfrey on the mound. I didn't think Pelfrey was going to be effective but I didn't think he'd let Jody Gerut take him deep either.

But 3-4, I'm not worried. It's a 162 games and the Mets will win more than they lose as long as Daniel Murphy can catch those sun balls in left field. BTW, I was never a fan of dumping Duaner Sanchez but anyone who thinks the Mets made a mistake by dumping Heath Bell needs to be slapped with a frozen grouper. I don't care how he pitched last night, I don't care if he pitches well tomorrow and Thursday, he's terrible.

The irony of the night was that I read an ESPN Insider report on how the new Citi Field would lower David Wright's HR totals only to watch him hit a game-tying three-run shot last night.

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