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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Afternoon Games

Just a quick synopsis of the little I saw...


I was really impressed with how fluid the Gators looked in the first half, but whatever Urban has been preaching about this team's discipline was completely dismissed after watching them in the second half. They let Kentucky score 21 points and move the ball at will (the Wildcats also got an amazing back-door cover out of it) and I'm sure the 'new ball coach' will be fuming over that.

Leak is still afraid to take a hit and because of that the Gator run is easy to defend. Against good defensives he's going to hand off to the upback over 90% of the time. He's not even a decoy. However the young man can pass and in that aspect he continues to get better.

Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech

Holy smokes is Virginia Tech the best team in the country? I understand Reggie Ball was hurt so the Yellow Jackets struggled on offense, but my goodness they whipped a damn good defense that Jon Tenuta has been building. Marcus Vick is a better passer than his brother and he seems like he's been running the offense for three years. Meanwhile the defense is better than I originally thought and it's VERY difficult to beat the Hokies in Blacksburg when it's a big game.

Meanwhile UCF is about to snap their 17-game losing streak and USF is smoking the #9 Louisville Cardinals 31-7. What a great day for football in the state of Florida.

Posted by TPrincess 8:50 PM ||
LiveBlogging UM-Colorado

No whip around coverage here.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) So far...Heat is about 95. Miami has had two possessions and no first downs. Colorado missed a short field goal on their first possession. The crowd seems to suck and Miami looks flatter than a pancake.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Miami is only passing with the rollout and Wright doesn't look comfortable with it yet.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Miami's defense does a great job to stop the Buffaloes on 3rd and 2...

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Or did they? Are you kidding me? He looked two yards short. I wonder if the ball spot in reviewable...and it will be.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Meanwhile Danielson and Musberger are already annoying the hell out of me.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) The review overturns to incorrect call and the Buffaloes punt.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Looks like Miami has already adjusted their offense, now going out of the I-formation.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Wright finally completes a pass, an out to Jolla for the team's first first down.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Wright completes another pass on third down, this one to Moss. Winston was beaten again on pass protection.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Moss changes direction and gains 12 on a busted play.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Miami is going to a much smarter gameplan, quick outs, power running and trying to neutralize the pass rush.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) The Buffaloes are selling out on the runs.

-- (UM 0, Colo 0) Wright looks completely awkward rolling out, he's turning the wrong direction and I don't think a receiver is running a route parallel to him.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Peattie gets the Canes on the board.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Klatt fails on a screen and took a monster hit...That's intentional grounding too...a double whammy.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) And Klatt trips over an invisible foot on third and long.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Third and 37, I don't see them making this. Safe running personal foul face first down. Mark that as a major mental mistake.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Brandon Meriweather is having a huge game so far and he's being assisted by a poor playcall from Barnett. Barnett gets into a mode where he just outsmarts himself and that was one of those moments.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) And now Miami is going with the hurry up on offense and its working very well.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Yes, Danielson, Wright is maturing, we get it.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Klatt gets baited into an interception. Miami's cover 2 is almost impossible to beat with deep throws in the middle of the field.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Miami faces a third down inside the 15 again, they have to get over these red zone problems.

-- (UM 3, Colo 0) Wright goes with a QB draw and gets speared on the tackle. Wright sort of slid into that but the tackle led with the helmet.

-- (UM 6, Colo 0) Four shots inside the five and nothing but a field goal to show for it.

Ad: Feeling a little thirsty...Drink the juice...the TUT Juice that is. See what our plays are today, none of them are guaranteed to win a damn thing.

-- (UM 6, Colo 0) Willie Williams is in the game, without shackles even.

-- (UM 6, Colo 0) I think that's the sixth tackle for Meriweather already.

-- (UM 6, Colo 0) 3rd and short for Colorado here, they need a drive to rest their defense and instead it's almost intercepted.

-- (UM 12, Colo 0) I return from changing laundry to see Wright connect with Moss for a long touchdown that covers over 50 yards. Moss has become the go to receiver for Wright.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) The Buffaloes need to score now or this game could get broken open. The Buffaloes failed on their only scoring opportunity this half.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Just getting one first down was big for the Buffaloes. They can go into the half 13 down, but not 20 down. Best case scenario is to get some points.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Big 3rd and 3 here and Klatt completes a pass for five.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Colorado is now finding success running the counter against Miami and sealing off their defensive ends.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) This drive has already taken four minutes.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) I don't understand the wide run there, especially when the middle had been successful.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Another 3rd and 4 here, big play for the Miami defense coming up.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Terrible play call, Miami is too fast for a TE Screen.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) I don't expect Miami to take a chance with a little over a minute and the ball at the 1.

We're at the half so I suggest taking a look at my sports betting site TUT Juice and grabbing a burger before the second half.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Sorry I missed a few minutes, Colorado has nothing doing on third and long and will punt from the 50 again. Second time Miami has been pinned inside the ten.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) It'll be interesting to see if Miami will try to move the ball through the air here.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Well that answers my question but the ball went right through Moss' hands.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) No dice on third down and now Colorado has a golden opportunity on offense.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Golden opportunity and field position is loss as Meriweather intercepts Klatt's pass. What a game by the safety.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Big play as Buck Ortega just rumbles down the field for big yardage to give the Canes a first down in the red zone.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Eric Winston's All-American status no longer exists.

-- (UM 13, Colo 0) Hill drops the screen pass and loses out on a sure touchdown. The red zone goes dead for Miami again.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Third field goal doesn't draw much approval from Miami's prickly fans. They want to see some touchdowns.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Nothing going for the Buffaloes on offense right now. They could probably use a change of quarterback.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Quadrine Hill is going to be a Larry Centers-type threat in the NFL. He's versatile enough to be a tailback but he's got the strength and mentality of a fullback.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Pretty boring third quarter. Colorado has the opportunities, but they can't do anything with a gimpy quarterback. Meanwhile Miami is having major issues with their red zone execution.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Another three and out for Miami and an atrocious punt by Monroe gives Colorado their fourth good scoring opportunity of the game.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) No quarterback change as Klatt scrambles for a few and whizzes a pass too high so it'll be 3rd and around 5.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Probably two-down territory.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Pass is almost intercepted on a deflection and its 4th and 5.

-- (UM 16, Colo 0) Going for a 58-yard field goal? Hmmm..

-- (UM 16, Colo 3) Well damn if he didn't kick the piss out of that one. Nice and all, but it doesn't do much other than keep the Buffaloes down by two scores.

-- (UM 16, Colo 3) Colorado didn't onsides kick because they want to force Miami to prove they can move the ball.

-- (UM 16, Colo 3) Miami gets aggressive with the pass and Wright is more than up for the challenge with a big play to Leggett and a bigger play to Ortega.

-- (UM 16, Colo 3) A touchdown here by Miami and I'm going to shift to the Minnesota-Purdue game because this isn't very good football.

-- (UM 22, Colo 3) A touchdown by Wright as he calls his own number. I can close the book on this game, there really wasn't much here to brag about for Miami. The defense is excellent but the offense is inconsistent and erratic at times during the game.

-- ('Bama 17, Ark 13) New game with 10 minutes left so I've got time to flip to Purdue-Minn and come back here.

-- (Minn 28, Pur 28) Crud, I missed the game tying score, I'm sure Laurence Maroney was responsible. That kid is a certified bad ass.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Another close game, a few seconds from OT but a BIG play from backup Matt Ryan to the tight end.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) 13 seconds, the Eagles at the Clemson 40. Ryan gets hit as the pass is incomplete.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Ryan's pass is intercepted by Tye Hill and we're going to overtime.

-- (Minn 28, Pur 28) The Gophers stop Purdue on a third and very short. 53 seconds left and the Boilermakers will punt. Great punt is fielded at the 8. Maroney gains 8 and he's over 200 yards.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) I missed the coin toss. I'll assume BC won and chose to defend. So Clemson has the ball at the 25...Whitehurst's pass is off the mark.

Final: Ohio St. 31, Iowa 6....Yeah Iowa sucks.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Second down pass from Whitehurst to Curry is complete for 12 and a first down.

-- (Minn 28, Pur 28) Minnesota wins the toss and chooses to defend.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Short pass to the fullback is complete for short yardage.

-- (BC 10, Clemson 10) Clemson faces third and short, they are 0-10 on third downs...Make that 0-11, that playcall sucked.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Short field goal is good.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) Don't ask me how, but Purdue scored.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) First down pass is incomplete as Ryan was pressured heavily.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Third down pass from Ryan is complete at the 11, first down.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Stretch run looks like a touchdown but the refs give Clemson a hometown spot at the spot.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Ryan's sneak probably gives them a first down. They have less than a inch to go for a victory.

-- (Clemson 13, BC 10) Hand off to the deep back...TOUCHDOWN!! Eagles win their first ACC game.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) Maroney gets the call on first and goal and loses a yard. Second down is a bootleg and Cupito gets tackled at the four. It's third and goal.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) False start makes it third and 8. And Cupito is flushed out of the pocket as he pass falls incomplete.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) Fourth and the football game...Penn State wins and I'm still not going to rank them in the blog poll.

-- (Pur 35, Minn 28) Fourth down slant pass is caught for the touchdown!!!

-- (Pur 35, Minn 34) Extra point is good!

-- (Minn 35, Pur 35) Gophers have first and goal at the 8, Maroney is out getting a cut worked out. But his backup Russell gains three.

-- (Minn 41, Pur 35) Russell scores on a dive play, he's a powerful little running back.

-- (Minn 42, Pur 35) Running play to Boyd gains seven.

-- (Minn 42, Pur 35) 3rd and 1 isolation play to Boyd is stuffed like a chicken.

-- (Minn 42, Pur 35) Fourth and the football game..Out of the shotgun...INCOMPLETE!!! Gophers win! Gophers win! Welcome to the blogpoll fellas!

Posted by TPrincess 12:21 PM ||

today, noon, ABC regional

The Game: Miami has only played two games, but they were both long games, over four hours and the Canes would like to end a rough September on a high note. Colorado, meanwhile, is trying to get back into the national picture with hopes of a major upset.

The Players: Miami needs to get some big plays from its receiving corps. Lance Leggett, Ryan Moore, Sinorice Moss have all struggled along with Miami's pass blocking (14 sacks). If Colorado gets pressure on Kyle Wright early expect the focal point of the offense to shift to Tyrone Moss again.

The Numbers: Well 14 sacks and eight hours sticks out like a sore thumb. Even Larry Coker is concerned about Miami's recovery time. Already to media is taking shots at Miami's crowd and the attendance will be 20-25,000 short of a sellout...which doesn't mean a whole lot to be honest.

The Line: Opened at Miami -14 and climbed to -14.5

The Forecast: I expect Colorado to blitz and blitz heavily so Miami's offensive line is going to have to stand up to the attack and punch back. They will struggle early, but have a big second half.

The Pick: Miami 27, Colorado 13

Posted by TPrincess 12:14 PM ||

tonight, 6:45, ESPNU

The Game: South Florida survived a potential trap game last week (actually they dominated) and now they get a top 10 team in their house with an opportunity to get national attention. Louisville has been picked by many (including me) to run the table.

The Players: Brian Brohm is already one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the nation and running back Michael Bush is somewhere between a load and a force. South Florida has their own running back, Andre Hall, and they will use him extensively to keep Louisville's explosive offense off the field.

The Numbers: The Bulls defeated Louisville at home in 2003 and these two teams are very familiar with each other. South Florida's defense is ranked in the top 20 nationally, Louisville's offense is in the Top 10.

The Line: Opened at Louisville -20.5 and has remained stable.

The Forecast: Hall will keep the Bulls competitive, they don't have the horses to keep up with Louisville, but they won't get blown out either.

The Pick: Louisville 35, South Florida 24

Posted by TPrincess 12:06 PM ||

today, 3:30 p.m., CBS

The Game: Shouldn't be much to this one after the first half. Kentucky is barely working with a pulse after getting whipped by Indiana and the countdown on is head coach Rich Brooks, who shouldn't have been hired in the first place.

The Players: Obviously there's hope that Chris Leak can use this game to run the offense a little better. He still doesn't excel in the running area and he's afraid to take a hit. Obviously Kentucky isn't Alabama, but it could prepare him.

The Numbers: Florida has struggled with Kentucky in Lexington but they haven't lost to the Wildcats in almost 20 years.

The Line: Opened at Florida -22.5 and moved up to -23

The Forecast: The Gators will play several backups looking for a receiver to step up and replace Andre Caldwell.

The Pick: Florida 34, Kentucky 13.

Posted by TPrincess 11:54 AM ||
Around the ACC/State

I'll do separate caps for Miami, Florida and USF. BTW watching these news guys get pelted by Hurricane Rita is sadistically enjoyable.

Big week for the ACC as we are now officially into "conference" season. Five conference games with only the Florida schools not participating (Miami has non-conference Colorado and FSU is on the first of two bye weeks).

North Carolina (0-2) at N.C. State (1-1): Should be a good, defensive matchup. The Tar Heels are an improved program but their 0-3 record won't show it. I figure the John Bunting job watch can start soon. N.C. State 20-10.

Boston College (2-1) at Clemson (2-1): As I said in TUT Juice nothing gets a bettor more excited than hearing the words "backup quarterback making his first start of the season in a crucial road contest". However, if Porter plays, this could be much different. Clemson 31-17.

Duke (1-2) at Virginia (2-0): After today's thrasing of the Blue Devils, the Cavaliers will face Boston College, Miami, Maryland, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. That's got to be the worse conference schedule of any team in the ACC. Virginia 35-6.

Maryland (1-2) at Wake Forest (1-2): Both teams will be jockeying for that final ACC bowl spot and the winner will get it. I love the Deacons on their unstable home surface. Wake Forest 28-27.

Georgia Tech (3-0) at Virginia Tech (3-0): The big game of the day and the biggest in the short history of the expanded ACC. Why is this game bigger than FSU-Miami? Well because this game can prove the depth of the conference. This is also the first big ACC game held in Blacksburg. Reggie Ball's return makes this a close contest and I'm not sold on Marcus Vick yet. But at home, I think the Hokies defense saves them in a close one. Virginia Tech, 21-17.

Around the State

Two teams in the state also start their conference play today.

Marshall (1-1) at UCF (0-2): This is the true definition of a program game for the Golden Knights. They obviously need a win after 17 losses in a row, but if they can beat Marshall and snap this losing streak, the schedule could set up for a couple more wins before traveling to Southern Miss. The Knights looked ok against South Carolina and horrific against USF. Marshall should win, but UCF has a puncher's chance of pulling the upset in one of their four home games this year. A loss here could be devastating and all but spell the end of George O'Leary's disasterous tenure in Orlando. Marshall 24-17.

FIU (0-2) at Arkansas St (1-2): In a wide open Sun Belt the Golden Panthers can get a leg up over their local rivals Florida Atlantic with a win here. Arkansas State is one of the favorites in the conference and should defend its home turf against the new kids. Arkansas St. 28-21.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Surfing the Wire...

Some of my major plays are on TUT Juice right now (No I'm not going to stop pimping that site anytime soon).

A few things out there that interests me...

Tennessee AD: Vols Would've Forfeited [AP]: Interesting because if I were LSU...I would've called their bluff because there's no way in hell the Vols will voluntarily give up a chance to win the SEC East because of some rain. Of course LSU demanded the game be moved to Monday because Fulmer wanted it in November (because November is Tennessee's "easy" month) but LSU already moved North Texas to November so no dice.

Reggie Ball Shows His [AP]: Gotta love the kid's....errr...immune system? Nonetheless if he gets the start Saturday against Virginia Tech there will be some upset possibilities there.

Florida Tries to Avoid Overconfidence [AP]: And given the Gators' failure to run the ball or stop the run, that shouldn't be a problem.

Miami Closes Out a Rough September [AP]: Very few teams have more milage on them than the Canes do right now.

More later, I'll do Around the ACC tonight and possibly a few live thoughts of the California game if I get a chance.

Posted by TPrincess 8:27 PM ||

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I can't call this a complete liveblog because I'll be rambling too.

-- (AFA 14, Utah 13) However the game has been very entertaining so far.

-- (AFA 14, Utah 14) Smart move by the SEC officials to push the LSU-Tennessee game back to Monday and even smarter move to keep it at night so LSU's home-field advantage isn't compromised.

-- (AFA 14, Utah 14) Does Texas Tech have the right to brag about trying to hang a 100 on a 1-AA team who lost by 30 at home?

-- (AFA 14, Utah 14) Blocked punt! Blocked punt! Who recovers? Does it matter.

-- (AFA 14, Utah 14) This Utah quarterback could be over time. He's a solid run/pass threat.

-- (Utah 31, AFA 21) Ok, so I've missed a few plays, shoot me.

-- (Utah 31, AFA 21) With the LSU-Tennessee game moving to Monday night I hope ESPN takes the USC-Oregon game for Primetime.

-- (Utah 31, AFA 21) If I haven't mentioned by sports betting project called TUT Juice, please allow me to.

-- (Utah 31, AFA 21) Florida fans take a close look at how good Urban Meyer's offense will be once Chris Leak graduates.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 21) Meanwhile lowly Texas St. is only trailing Texas A&M 21-14...Go Armadillos!...Are they really called the Armadillos because I'm just going off of Necessary Roughness.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 21) Y'Ouch Big Hit, should be a flag and it is, that was the epitome of unnecessary roughness on a play.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 28) Looks like Florida Atlantic lost, oh well there goes there Sun Belt title hopes because I'm sure half the team will be suspended by the time Week 9 rolls around.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 28) Air Force receiver Jason Brown has had a massive game and he looks like a real prospect out there.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 28) Man look at this Brown kid fight for yardage, what a stud.

-- (Utah 38, AFA 35) Gotta love the fight of the Academies.

Posted by TPrincess 8:39 PM ||
Oops...Got a State Game tonight...

Note: I may LiveBlog parts of Utah-AFA if the game is interesting.

Low and behold I almost forgot that Florida Atlantic opens its Sun Belt schedule tonight against Louisiana-Monroe.

With Tulsa's 54-2 thrashing of North Texas, the Sun Belt is officially open for business and I'm coming out right now and saying that Schnellenberger's Fighting Owls will outlast Tulsa, La-Lafayette and Arkansas State (sorry Jeremy) for the Sun Belt championship.

The Pick: Florida Atlantic 27, UL-Monroe 17

Posted by TPrincess 6:42 PM ||
Some News Links...

It's a bye week for the Seminoles so they are just doing some light practicing and media sessions this week in order to rest up and prepare for October 1st when Syracuse comes to town.

Right now the main gripe seems to be instant replay, and more importantly, the strip of Lorenzo Booker at the 1-yard line last week. FSU coaches argued that the ball bounced off of Mathias Kiwuanka's leg, but to no avail.

"They've got angles that viewers don't see. I'm not concerned from that standpoint," Hart said. "I think we have to hold the game officials and the replay officials accountable. ... There's too much at stake that we can't have them missing. We can't have 'Whoops.' That's why we went to instant replay to avoid the 'Whoops!'

The rest of the story is here [Tallahassee Democrat].

FSU also releases their 2006 schedule. Nothing good here at all, they open on Labor Day with Miami (Hurricane pending) and the non-conference schedule is Troy, Rice and Western Michigan. The Seminoles have eight home games next year.

Dave Hart did talk about 2007 and that schedule is done with the exception of a 12th game which will hopefully be FSU-Alabama in Jacksonville.

Future schedules have BYU, Oklahoma and Air Force on them in home-and-home series.

Full story [Tallahassee Democrat].

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LiveBlogging BSU-BGSU

Lots of Bs Ss and Us in this one.

My score prediction? Boise State 56, Bowling Green 31.

-- (BSU 3, BG 0) First drive was a little surprising because the Falcons tighten up inside the 10, I figured they'd just let Boise State score so they could get on offense quicker.

-- (BSU 3, BG 0) Hmm is Omar Jacobs a first-round pick? He might be.

-- (BSU 3, BG 0) I expect Jacobs to pass a lot since the Broncos are one of the worst pass defending teams in the nation.

-- (BSU 3, BG) Hmmm, 3-and-out for the Falcons (Jacobs 0-for-2).

-- (BSU 6, BG 0) Looks like the Broncos will have to go for a third field goal. Give Bowling Green a bit of credit, they aren't breaking.

-- (BSU 6, BG 6) Jacobs finally warms up and gets the Falcons down the field. Needless to say his kicker wasn't prepared for the work.

-- (BSU 13, BG 6) The Broncos special teams don't play....they take it to the house. And this is the scoring I expect out of these two teams. You just get the feeling things are going to break open real soon.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) I have to admit this liveblog sucks because I've been busy with work. I'm hoping we can now see some Omar Jacobs magic.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) And I've been focused on my side project TUT Juice. I'm sure you've heard of it now, it's sweeping the nation.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) And besides my side project TUT Juice, I was also watching this JetBlue landing of a plane that had its landing gear lodged sideways, it was pretty damn impressive.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) Only 93 yards of passing for Jacobs? He should be throwing on every down.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) Finally he launches a missle and gets a big play.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) Jacobs gets stopped and the Broncos are driving again, this seems almost too easy.

-- (BSU 27, BG 6) Rushing yards: BSU 211, BG 24

-- (BSU 33, BG 6) Any chance of them calling off the dogs? I didn't think so either.

-- (BSU 34, BG 6) Now it does seem like the Broncos are getting away with some tight coverage on passing.

-- (BSU 41, BG 6) Games like these are almost impossible to blog. Even though I've got BSU and the points (which if you read TUT Juice, you'd know that), I still want Omar Jacobs to at least make the game fun.

Posted by TPrincess 8:16 PM ||
My Blogpoll

The official poll is up here and the individual ballots are here.

Now a quick synopsis of what I did.

1) Southern Cal (No change) -- I have serious issues with those who ranked the Trojans behind Texas.

2) Louisiana State (No change) -- Believe it or not I almost moved Texas here because they've played so many more games, but LSU has Tennessee coming up and they can prove their worthiness.

3) Texas (No change) -- With Oklahoma as bad as they are, Texas Tech and Texas A&M become important swing games.

4) Georgia (No change) -- Nothing good or bad about their game against La-Monroe. They didn't put up a huge score, but they weren't trying to either.

5) Virginia Tech (No change) -- Good bye Dukes and Ohios, hello Georgia Tech.

6) Louisville (+1) -- The team I saw Saturday is the one I expect to see for the rest of the year.

7) Florida St. (+1) -- Two quality wins in the belt going into a bye week.

8) Florida (+2) -- Defense looks good if teams don't run against them. I wasn't impressed. Fulmer gave them a win with his inept coaching.

9) Miami (Florida) (+2) -- Showed me a lot of character this week against Clemson.

10) Georgia Tech (+3) -- That's the fourth ACC school in my top ten if you are counting.

11) Ohio State (+1) -- Going with Smith in the long run is the right way to go.

12) Alabama (+3) -- Now I was impressed with these guys, they completely embarassed Spurrier and his gang of cocks.

13) Michigan State (NR) -- Something tells me they won't be this high for long. Consistency has never been this program's strong suit.

14) Cal (+2) -- Nothing great, but they are winning and they made a comeback against an Illinois team that plays hard.

15) Notre Dame (-9) -- Slow defense means they are DOA against the Trojans.

16) UCLA (+2) -- A strong, steady climb for Dorrell's group. Will the UCLA/USC game mean something again?

17) Michigan (-3) -- They didn't do anything to warrant a slip, but they have no quality wins to speak of.

18) Tennessee (-9) -- Fulmer could've given the ball to Riggs 35 times and won by double digits. Horrible job of coaching.

19) Arizona State (+1) -- The Sun Devils are a fun team to bet the over on.

20) Vanderbilt (+3) -- At the top of the SEC East and deservedly so with two road victories.

21) Purdue (+1) -- Avoided an upset alert in Arizona.

22) Oregon (+4) -- If they can hold the Trojans under 40 maybe they can stay ranked next week too.

23) Texas A&M (+2) -- They are ranked ahead of Clemson because they should have won the game if it wasn't for coaching.

24) Boston College (-5) -- Will be very tough for the rest of the season. I give them credit for wanting FSU early and being up for the challenge

25) Clemson (-1) -- No shame in losing to Miami in three overtimes.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Report Card: Defense

The defense started off strong Saturday night but found the last 25 minutes of the first hafl to be a struggle thanks to an inept FSU offense and an inspired blocking performance by BC's huge offensive line. The second half proved to be a much different story as BC found it difficult to move the ball on a fresher FSU defense.

Defensive Ends: BC had trouble with Kamerion Wimbley early in the first half and late in the game. Early the pressure caused two interceptions. The rotation wasn't there as much Saturday but Wimbley and Darrell Burston played solid. Grade: B-

Defensive Tackles: After a strong opening these guys got abused in the first half, especially Brodrick Bunkley. Andre Fluellen sat out the citadel and struggled a bit in this game as well. But in the second half the rotation began and the fresh bodies put a stop to the running game. Grade: C

Linebackers: A.J Nicholson had 18 tackles, two interceptions and a touchdown. He was named national defensive player of the Week. That's good enough. Grade: A

Cornerbacks: Didn't give up anything big, but BC didn't go for much big. Gerard Ross had another active game as the Eagles really started working him. Tony Carter might be the best open-field tackler on the team. Grade: B

Safeties: Kyler Hall played 88 of the 91 plays the defense was on the field and he was continuously around the ball. Pat Watkins continues to be left alone because he's so good. Grade: B+

Special Teams: Darius McClure blocked a punt that led to the touchdown that put the game out of the reach. Not much to report on the return gamte and FSU did not attempt a field goal. The kickoffs was deep and out of the end zone. Overall a solid night. Grade: A-

Posted by TPrincess 5:17 PM ||
Report Card: Offense

You Want Bets? We Got BETS! [TUT Juice]

It took a half for FSU to get on track, but luckily the offense came through when it was needed most in a 28-17 victory over Boston College. The win gives FSU a 2-0 conference record and the inside track on making the ACC championship game in Jacksonville.

Quarterbacks: Drew Weatherford played terrible for about 40 minutes, but once the offense chucked the I formation and went to a four-wide set he warmed up and finished 20-of-38 and for 243 yards and two touchdowns to 6'6 wide receiver Greg Carr. Weatherford had an interception, but it was on a pass that bounced right off of De'Cody Fagg's chest. A very promising performance for the freshman. Grade: B

Running Backs: 13 yards on 19 carries?!?! That's terrible. Leon Washington seemed like a man without a county in the four wide. Lorenzo Booker was a little better and had a couple of nice plays in the passing game, including one that became a turnover because of a great hustle play by Mathias Kiwaunka. Grade: D

Wide Receivers: Lots of drops, De'Cody Fagg's led to an interception and Kenny O'Neal had a terrible drop while he was wide open. Greg Carr continues to use his height as a major weapon with two touchdown catches, including on a fade route that the 5'8 defensive back had no chance of stopping. Grade: C+

Offensive Line: Pass blocking improved but overall this unit struggled again with David Castillo. 13 yards running and Weatherford was hit several times in the first half. Once Weatherford went to the shotgun and B.C. dropped into the zones the line had an easier time. Grade: C-

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Upcoming Posts...

I'm a little behind today because I've been running errands and I'm about to head to the Devil Rays-Red Sox game tonight.

First and foremost I've spent a part of the day (i.e. 30 minutes) working on a new project called TUT Juice (or Turn Up the Juice) which logs how terrible a bettor I am. I'm doing it with my best friend Cesar. I'm working on the links section and I'll probably link a lot of the guys that are in the BlogPoll..

However, if you don't want to be linked with such a immoral hobby as gambling. I understand and just let me know that you don't want to be linked to it. Otherwise, show me some love.

As for posts upcoming today and tomorrow.

Grades for Saturday's victory at Boston College
Review of last week's Blogpoll
This Week's Blogpoll Ballot
Some more FSU/ACC/NCAA related news.


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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weekend Review...

I’ll post pictures and national media links later this evening and FSU-BC grades on Monday. These are quick observations from what I saw this weekend.

Louisville-Oregon State

This is the Louisville team I expected to see against Kentucky. They are so good on offense when Michael Bush is running to set up Brian Brohm’s play action. There aren’t too many teams on their schedule that can give them a scare much less beat them so they will have to run the table for a shot on a BCS title.


What a war. Clemson wasn’t looking to pull an upset on Miami, they have full confidence they can beat the Hurricanes. I love what Miami did in the second half by committing to the run and pounding the Clemson defensive line with Tyrone Moss. Miami’s pass blocking is terrible at best, but they are dominating run blockers. Clemson showed all the moxie they have with a spirited fourth quarter comeback and the one impressive stop in overtime. The running game, however, was going to wear them down in the long haul.

Michigan State-Notre Dame

Sorry Domers, the defense is still incredibly slow and the Spartans exposed it over and over again. Mark May said a mobile quarterback would give Notre Dame some trouble but I didn’t expect it would be that much trouble. Meanwhile I’m wondering if this is the year MSU finally puts it together. They’ve got the talent and they’ve even got Michigan at home. Brady Quinn and Maurice Stovall were phenominal in defeat.


If Phil Fulmer doesn’t smack himself over and over again after watching the game film, he should. Early in the game Gerald Riggs Jr. is gaining 6, 7, 9, 15, 6, 7, etc. per carry and I’m thinking “shoot, 35 more carries and this sucker is over”, but Fulmer got cute and wanted Erik Ainge to win the game for him instead. I’m not impressed with Urban Meyer’s super offense, they can’t run the ball and they can’t block for the run either. However, the Gator defense hadn't flown around the ball like that...ever...Alabama and LSU are going to stuff the ball down the Gators throats unless they make adjustments quickly.


Holy moly. Here’s what makes USC special: They don’t care about the opponent. It could be Oklahoma, Arkansas, Hawaii, Mater Dei Prep Academy or anyone else. They control everything on offense, they score at will and they only stop when they feel like it. Oklahoma still hasn’t recovered from the beating they got last year and don’t be surprised if Arkansas isn’t rattled for several weeks.

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