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Thursday, December 15, 2005

What I've Missed...

...I've been a little under the weather and a little busy with Christmas shopping (and Chanukah shopping for my Jewish war against Christmas for me, I can say both Merry Christmas AND Happy Chanukah if I choose).

College Football

Tebow Goes to Gators, Football Program Will Survive: Major coup for Urban Meyer to get one of the top QB prospects in the nation. [EDSBS had the funniest story by far]

Colorado Signs BSU's Hawkins: I suggested former Buffaloe, current UCLA assistant and recruiting dynamo Eric Bieninemy, but this a great hire. [AP Wire]

Turner Gill to Buffalo: Brings the count up to five. [AP Wire]

Trouble in Austin: Uh oh, not the type of news you want going into the biggest game in recent school history. [Houston Chronicle]


Artest to Pacers: Trade Me. [Indy Star]

Pacers to Artest: Fine [Indy Star]

Artest to Pacers after rumor of Raptors trade came out: I was just kidding. [ESPN] Side Note: I'm a huge Artest fan but I'm a bigger Jermaine O'Neal fan for the way he's handled this. Kudos.

NBA to Artest:'re fined! [Sports Ticker]


Bye John Ruiz, if you don't come back we won't mind. [Boston Globe]

I'll hit on the NFL this evening.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

When Deadspin's "why your hometown columnist sucks" feature finally got around to Skip Bayless I hoped it would be a double issue.

Granted they described Bayless as having a heart three sizes too small and a less masculine version of Ann Coulter, but they never really dug in as deeply as they could've. Maybe the hate was too strong for a rational post.

Skip Bayless...Sucks [Deadspin]

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Dan Reeves Hired As Texans' Next Coach Consultant...

In the words of T.O., if it walks like a rat and smells like a rat...[AP Wire]

McNair said he hired Reeves to get an early look at his personnel outside opinion of his organization and that he would spend time talking with coaches, watching practice and reviewing game film.

McNair said Reeves would likely be with the team for a 4-year, $9 million contract "a couple of months," but that he could remain with the Texans longer.

Meanwhile Dom Capers left the press conference early to brush up his resume.

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Colorado's Boots More Athletes..

...The perils of e-mail strike again as Colorado offensive lineman Clint O'Neal and his girlfriend, cross-country runner Jackie Zeigle were suspended for sending a racist email to Zeigle's teammate Greg Castro calling him a "bean-eating piece of shit" among other things.

As one can expect, this is exactly what the Colorado athletic department needed on the heels of dismissing coach Gary Barnett last week.

Castro is perfectly happy with the results of the investigation [Link], meanwhile the Zeigle girl has fallen far from the grace she enjoyed wit her twin sisters. As a matter of fact here's a story from a 2002 edition of American profile when the girls talk about their friendship and....(sorry R.D.) their devout Christianity [Link]. Once again Jesus has to lay the smack down on those who worship him because they are messing it up for everyone.

Let's hope the youngest sister, Kit, does a little better at the next level.

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"Shocker" Heat Coach Resigns...

..yeah I'm "shocked", if Van undy was undefeated right now he'd still resign. This team was put together for Pat Riley so Riley could win, so it's no surprise that his return would coincide with the return of Shaq.

Still the way he's been known for grinding his teams throughout the regular season, you wonder if the Heat will wear down late in the playoffs.

Van Gundy Steps Down [ESPN]

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