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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Early (Shoulder) Lean

Not sure where the Iceman is this week. I think he's preparing for the Bengals' big game against the Patriots.

But you know I've got a couple of early leans to keep you company.

Air Force at Navy (-2.5): Navy has become the class of the military schools over the last few years and is looking to follow up on a wonderful comeback victory over Duke.

FAU (+24) at Kentucky: Kentucky has won and survived two tough, emotional contests. I expect them to beat the Owls today but it's going to be closer than people think.


Posted by TPrincess 12:03 PM ||
Ohio Ice at Room Temperature

Ice went 2-2 last Saturday. Nothing to be proud of. This week brings another week of boring matchups and non rivalry games. Good thing ICE laid off the W.Virginia game last night or he would be downright thawed out this morning.

" The Ice Pick" Pick of the week (0-1 ATS):
Illinois +3 at home vs. Penn St. Zook's making a run at it in Champaign, he hopes to make Gator nation take back all the bad things they said about him. Juice Williams and Co. are going to be a thorn in the overrated Nittany Lions sides all day long. Illinois 19 Penn St. 16

More goods for your meat locker (1-1 ATS):
Purdue -21.5 at home vs. Notre Dame. Purdue will score in bunches. Notre Dame wont be able to answer. Purdue by plenty.

Florida -17.5 at home vs. Auburn. Harvin is hurt, Caldwell is hurt, Ice hates the Gators more than any team other than Michigan and Notre Dame. Doesn't matter, Florida rolls and rednecks all over Florida that don't even know how to find Gainesville on a map (unless they used to do some fishin and huntin in the area) rejoice by drinking cheap beer and abusing their wives. Go wash your pickup trucks with a garden hose Gator fans.

The game you haven't looked at yet (1-0 ATS):
BYU -4 @ New Mexico - BYU can move the ball any which way they want...through the air or on the ground. New Mexico's got a good defense but Ice says it ain't that good.

Posted by Ohio Ice 10:36 AM ||

Monday, September 24, 2007

4th Down (College Edition)

There were a lot of interesting trends, breaks and storylines from this week’s NFL and College action.

Syracuse 38, Louisville 35

You think the Cardinals miss Bobby Petrino? Steve Kragthorpe has turned Louisville from rising national power to run-of-the-miss C-USA team in three weeks. Now the good side is that the Cardinals will be money on Over/Under below 72 points for the rest of the year and they are just one impressive victory (say…a home game against Rutgers??) from being grossly overrated again and giving more points than they deserve.

Who would want to play for a guy name Kragthorpe anyway? Kragthorpe sounds like a high school math teacher.

“Hey who do you have in third period?”

“I got Kragthorpe”

“Oh man, that guy is a douche.”

Introducing Louisville’s newest football coach, Frances Pucharelli!

UCLA 44, Washington 31

Interesting trend here is UCLA in second-half over/under. The second half of the Bruins loss to Utah, the two teams combined for 43 points in the second half. The second half of the Bruins victory over Washington the two teams combined for 55 points.

Keep a close eye on UCLA over/under in the second half.

UNLV 27, Utah 0

Excellent call Ohio Ice, excellent call.

Florida 30, Ole Miss 24

Lost in the Tim Tebow hoopla is the fact that the Gators defense is young enough to have lapses on the road. Now if those lapses come against Ole Miss they survive, if they come against LSU…survival isn’t likely.

South Florida 37, North Carolina 10

The score is not indicative of the game as South Florida could have and should have scored over 50 points. North Carolina is not to be relied upon for much of anything this year. But the Bulls are interesting and this line against West Virginia needs to be monitored closely.


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