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Friday, June 09, 2006

Early Weekend Stew

Tomorrow's Schedule:

9 a.m. Watch England in World Cup
Noon: More World Cup
2 p.m. Watch Argentina in World Cup
8 p.m. Watch Stanley Cup Game 3
10 p.m. Watch Tarver-Hopkins fight.

Yes tomorrow is the best non Big-3 day in sports history. I am calling it right now!

Mets: Finally the Metropolians have traded Kaz Matsui. It doesn't matter who they traded him for or where they traded him to so read the story if you really care. I'd like to say nice things about Kaz Matsui but he made $20 million for being a poor man's Wally Backman so fuck him.

The Mets are talking with the Devil Rays about Julio Lugo in hopes of a longer-term replacement at second base. I'm hoping they can get Jose Vidro instead but if the Nats keep winning they might add on instead of subtract.

So far the 10-game road swing has been a success winning the first three of four and a 7-1 victory last night over the Jason Grimsley-less Arizona Diamondbacks. El Duque pulled some magic out of his "36" year-old ass when he pitched a complete game three-hitter.

Meanwhile David Wright, while still being Mr. MVP and the god of Queens, has some long term competition from "the next next big thing" Lastings Milledge. Milledge, who was part of many trade rumors, none of which will happen now, is hitting over .300 and provides a super outfield arm as he's already racked up three assists, two more than the entire Kansas City Royals outfield.

NBA Finals: The Heat shot 7-for-19 from the free throw line. That's worst than I am on NCAA 2k6 (and I suck at those free throws). Now many people are going to harp on Shaq's awful 1-for-9 performance from the charity stripe but I'm more alarmed at Wade's 6-for-10. He's a great shooter and an elite guard. All elite guards should shoot at least 85% from the free throw line, end of story.

This was just a terrible night for the Heat as they had Howard and Dirk struggling from the floor yet allowed J-Terry to light them up for 32. Bottom line is this: Dallas will get major contributions from someone each night and if two of those three have a big game, it's over. With Dirk scoring just 16, Miami HAD to win that game last night.

Right now the Mavs could sweep this, of course Miami has been tough at home so 5-6 games is more likely.

Meanwhile what's the upside for this Mavs team. You've got an owner willing to pay out of his ass for a winner and if this team wins a title they could have a 3-4 year window of dominance. San Antonio isn't getting any better, The Lakers and Timberwolves are in rebuilding mode. The Suns are good, but will Amare ever be the same and if he is what happens to Diaw? If the Clippers stay together, and that's not likely given their history, than MAYBE they can stop this Mavericks express over time.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Emanski to the Rescue...

...and for the Royals it's back to the basics. I love The Onion.

And for the Grim news I'll say this. The program is bigger than Barry, it was always bigger than Barry and the feds found a snitch who's been in a lot of different clubhouses.

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