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Friday, June 03, 2005

Quick Roundup...

Semi-busy Thursday night/Friday morning as I watch Federer/Nadal on NBC, probably the first time since the Agassi/Sampras U.S Open final that I've really anticipated a tennis match.

But in case you missed last night, here's what happened.

-- Heat Win Game 5. However Flash gets a little injured and is questionable for Game 6. Actually the question is how much will Wade play in Game 6. Shaq also offers to pay for George Mikan's funeral. Only a miserable person would think Shaq is doing it for publicity because he doesn't need publicity (and yes I've read that somewhere and no I'm not going to give that guy any publicity). [Miami Herald]

-- My future wife Cat Osterman whiffed 17 as the Longhorns defeat Alabama in the first round. Someone needs to check Stephanie VanBrakle's eligibility, I swear she's been on that team since 1999. Osterman was also named an All-American and USA Collegiate's Softball Player of the Year. In the words of my niece, she's really really good. [AP]

-- The Royals swept the Yankees and this is just funny for a million reasons. It also gives new skipper Buddy Bell a 3-0 start. According to Elias this was the third time in history that the
Yankees were swept by the team with baseball's worst record [Newsday]

-- Rick Spielman resigned from the Miami Dolphins GM position before he was to get fired. [ESPN]

-- Remember Ashley McElhiney? The female ABA coach that was fired by her crazy owner during a game. Well she's landed an administrative coaching position with the University of Alabama. [AP]

-- Sports and B's did an NFL rankings list. It's a commendable job and I've already ribbed them on some omissions. I might do one much later probably not all at once. [Brems]

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lasting Image

George Mikan 1924-2005 [Bloomberg]

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The 49ers Video...

Words cannot describe my horror and entertainment with this product. So I'm going to leave the link here and let you decide for yourself. It's highly offensive but extremely funny, much like South Park used to be.

And before anyone gets overly offended remember two things - Only 50-100 football players were supposed to see this video and don't think about whether this is appropriate for daily viewing but whether it's appropriate for the guys in the locker room.

Great job by the Chronicle on digging this up. They remain the standard in the newspaper industry for investigative journalism.

49ers Training Camp Video [Chronicle]
Players Defend Video [Chronicle]

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Reversal of Fortunes

Tony Parker takes out his 2004 frustrations on gravity.

All memories of .8 seconds are almost all but gone as the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns in five games, winning 3-of-3 on the road and really putting down the defensive clamps when necessary.

This was a very good series and Amare Stoudemire will leave a loser, but also became one of the most untradeable stars in the league. Who would you trade Amare straight up for? Kobe? Nah. Wade? Nah. Shaq? Duncan? Nah.

Congrats to the Spurs, they are an excellent team.

Spurs Defeat Suns 4-1 [Bloomberg]
Spur of the Moment [MVN]

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

NHL/ESPN Officially Severs Ties

Not another hockey story, but this is fresh from the AP Wire.

TORONTO (AP) -- ESPN officially ended negotiations with the NHL for broadcasting rights next season, according to media reports Wednesday.
ESPN announced Saturday it would not pick up a $60-million option under the previous contract, but tried to retain the rights for less money in talks with the league and commissioner Gary Bettman.
"Right now, we're done negotiating,'' Mark Shapiro, ESPN's executive president for programming and production, told The Globe and Mail. "We held various discussions and had several meetings with Gary and his team. And unfortunately, we were not able to get a deal done.''
The New York Times reported that Shapiro, on a conference call, said Bettman "was uncomfortable cutting the rights fees to anything below $60 million.''

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Bettman Has New Competition...

Former NYC mayor Rudy Guiliani is sick and tired of the NHL lockout and has joined forces with Canadian politician Maurice Strong to investigate the possibilities of starting a new league.
According to a 71-page business plan reviewed by the newspaper and circulated to prospective Wall Street investors, the new league - tentatively called the International Hockey Association - would rely on Giuliani’s New York consulting company to help raise as much as $5 billion in seed money.

Giuliani became known as “America’s Mayor” after he held New York together in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

NHL Players Association senior director Ted Saskin has confirmed that several groups have approached the union proposing alternative options.

“Most of these groups have made these proposals on a confidential basis and the NHLPA will not be commenting on them,” Saskin told the Toronto Star. “Our primary focus has always been to reach an agreement with the NHL on a new CBA.”

This is interesting because without any TV money the NHL is worth less than the MLS. Guiliani used his celebrity from 9/11 to get into a lot of baseball games for free and he's a good friend of George Steinbrenner, who would also invest in this project as an owner and with his YES network.

I don't think anything will come of it but the NHL is extremely vulnerable right now and if the right person with the right idea comes along, the league's chance of survival drops considerably.

Guiliani Eyes New Hockey Organization [Sportsticker]

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Patrick = Ratings Gorilla

Indianapolis 500 ratings are up 40 percent from last year's race and the final 15 minutes were a rating peak thanks to Danica Patrick.

She's now officially the best thing to happen to open-wheel racing in many years. Here's hoping she can win a race soon.

Patrick's Popularity Causes Rating Spike [AP]

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Out of Place Americans..

Well Lindsay Davenport got smoked in his quarterfinal match against Mary Pierce, ending the Americans "run" at the French Open. Even though she made it to the quarters, Davenport struggled getting there, needed four three-setters.

But she represented much better than the men, who all made their exits within the first three days.

It'll be a long time before the American men will win the French. The Americans just aren't willing to put in the six months it takes to learn the clay surface. Jim Courier was the last American to win at Roland Garros, but he wasn't considered a great clay court player, just a mentally tough one who didn't let the surface scare him.

Looking at the new crop of American men (Andy Roddick, James Blake, Taylor Dent), I can safely say there will not be another American man winning the French Open before I turn 40 (11 years).

Pierce Ousts Davenport [AP]

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It's Just a Name...

New Jersey assemblyman Craig Stanley is wasting his state's money. I believe his heart is in the right place but his focus has been wavered as he has put out state legislation to retire the name of the NHL's New Jersey Devils.
The Essex County Democrat is leading the charge to retire the name 'Devils' after 23 years and three Stanley Cup championships and replace it with a name chosen in a statewide competition.

"This is an age where symbolism is very important," said Stanley, whose resolution to rename the team is to be introduced in the Assembly next month. "With the team coming to a new city, Newark, I thought it was a good time to do

Stanley's legislative district includes Irvington and parts of Newark, where the Devils are scheduled to move into a $310 million, 18,000-seat downtown arena in September 2007. The team currently plays in the Continental Airlines Arena at the Meadowlands sports complex in East Rutherford. Stanley said he is enthusiastic about having the arena and the team in Newark, but cool to its name and mascot.

"I've always cringed when people say they're going to see the Devils," said Stanley, a deacon at Newark's Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church. "The merchandise, the paraphernalia is based on the actual demonic devil. Personally, it causes a little bit of an issue with me."

Well Mr. Stanley actually the merchandize and paraphernalia isn't based on the actual demonic devil. It's based on the mythical "Jersey devil" and the team's mascot is a seven-foot cartoon character.

Besides I've been to Newark several times, Mr. Stanley would make his district much happier if he tried to get legislation to increase the law enforcement to cut down on the horrible crime rates and drug trafficking in his city.

Devils Not Happy With Name-Change Suggestion [Newsday]

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Brown Calls His Next Shot...

If you believe the report by ESPN's Chad Ford (and there's no reason not to), Detroit Pistons coach Larry Brown has already decided his next move -- president of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who just hired Indiana assistant Mike Brown as their next head coach.
Reached earlier Monday by The Associated Press as he watched a movie with his daughter, Brown refused comment other than to say: "If I'm healthy, my goal is to be the coach of the Detroit Pistons. That's the only thing that's really real."

In recent days, Brown has said repeatedly that he intends to check into a hospital after the season is over because of a serious medical condition. The condition has developed as a result of midseason hip surgery he underwent, and Brown wants a medical evaluation. However, sources maintain that while Brown's medical condition might keep him from coaching again, they do not believe it is serious enough to keep him from working as a team president.

While I certainly respect this move from a health standpoint, it would've been nice for Brown and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to try and be more discreet about this situation. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from Brown, who's always been more enamored with his next job than his current one.

Report: Larry Brown Will Accept Cavs Offer [ESPN]

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