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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday's Sports Stew

Here's a few thoughts on what's happened over the weekend.

Mets: Well two of three against the Yankees wasn't so bad, but it's very annoying because the Mets were the better team and had the sweep in their hands to prove it. Nonetheless another great series for David Wright, who is really starting to shine in the media spotlight events like these. Speaking of shining, Carlos Delgado needed about 30 seconds to adjust to New York City, which was 10 seconds less than Pedro needed. Both guys are adored by the Mets fans as if they've been there for years.

Finally the Mets dumped Jose Lima, but he still thinks he'll be back...Unfortunately Lima Time has run out, however it had a longer life than Hammer Time. He will be replaced by Alay Soler, a Cuban defector with some great numbers in Double-A. As for Jeremi Gonzalez, he's still with the team, but he'll be put to pasture real soon. Big series against the Phillies starts tonight and if the Mets take two of three it will set up well for the weekend set with the Marlins.

NBA Playoffs: Down to the final four. And I want to say that the Mavericks-Spurs series was one of the best NBA series in league history. It's rare that teams so evenly matched play such an evenly matched, high-quality seven games. The Clippers-Suns were ALMOST there but the Suns were on fire last night and the Clippers couldn't keep up defensively.

That being said I'm happy the Mavericks advanced. I really do think this team is ready for a championship this year. Dirk has finally emerged as a team leader without the asshole traits he displayed last year. Jason Terry is clutch as the "new" Finley on the team. They are even getting big minutes from Diop and Dampier. I'm also in the crowd that wants David Stern to actually present the title to Mark Cuban with a giddy Cuban snatching it from him and pulling the crying/celebration routine that Jordan did in 1996.

As for the Suns, how much longer can they keep playing with house money? No more three-day rests, it's going to be high impact for the rest of the way. Dallas has the perimeter game to actually go big and see if their two-headed monster at center can provide more points and control the boards.

As for the East. I expect Miami to win tonight. They've been resting for a week, they will come out fresh and the Pistons have to be mentally exhausted after rallying from a 3-2 deficit with an emotional win at Cleveland and a physically demanding defensive effort in Game 7.

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