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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ha Ha, Screw Boston...

...Gotta love Chowd fans. They have the best team in baseball and probably the best team in football but today it's the last thing on their minds because they tanked the NBA season only to find themselves in the best position to draft Spencer Hawes.

I was poking at Bill Simmons' column yesterday (yeah, I know) and I came across a paragraph even more self-serving than his normal junk.

"Name me a team that suffered more trauma since the mid-'80s: Lenny Bias and Reggie Lewis, the demolition of the Boston Garden, the M.L. Carr era, the Duncan lottery, the Pitino era, the Paul Pierce stabbing, the Vin Baker trade, Red Auerbach's death, Doc Rivers' second life. ... After 16 titles in 30 years, it's been a preposterously brutal stretch of bad luck."

You've got to be kidding me. They won a title in 1986, went to the finals in 1987 and made the playoffs for the next several years after that.

And 16 titles in 30 years. There's no stretch of bad luck that can erase that. Red Auerbach was 90 when he died, which happens to people at 90. Paul Pierce recovered from the stabbing. Rick Pitino and M.L. Carr are gone. You don't see Knick fans bitching about the recent years because they know they had it good in the 90s and would've won 2-3 titles if not for some guy named Jordan.

So what happened last year was karma. Boston tanked their season in hopes of a get-good-quick scheme and instead they will get the modern-day Brad Miller. Good. That's what happens to fanbases who feel they are entitled to be good and have the nerve to make the general fanbase feel as if they should do everything in their power to make sure the Celtics are good.

The difference between Celtic fans and Laker fans is so minimal it's hard to notice.


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