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Saturday, October 08, 2005

LiveBlog Whiparound

Because someone has to.

-- (UGA 7, Tenn 0) Players are gathering around their fallen compadre. I respect his effort but there have to be better ways to try to tackle Leonard Pope.

-- (TT 21, Neb 0) Second year of this game and Bill Callahan still doesn't get it. The object is to score WITH the Red Raiders, not trail them. I don't know if there are many better frontrunners in the nation.

-- (TT 21, Neb 0) It wouldn't kill the Huskers receivers to start catching passes as well. Help the kid out a little.

-- (UGA 7, Tenn 0) Shockley scrambles inside the five, it's third and goal for the Bulldogs.

-- (UGA 10, Tenn 0) VERY nice hustle onto the field by the special teams unit and the kick is good as the half ends/

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) See what happens when I go into meetings.

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) Hodges was unable to keep the drive going before the half.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) Right now Georgia is "outtoughing" the Vols. They just look like the more physical team.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) USC highlight comes in, not one of the Trojans' more banner days to say the least.

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) The problem with Zac Taylor is simple, it takes his too long to warm up. By the time he warms up again it'll be 42-14.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) Clausen converts on 3rd and 14 and finally the Volunteers are nearing a position to put points on the board.

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) Hodges throws a dangerous pass on 1st and goal. I wouldn't do that again.

-- (TT 21, Neb 14) BIG Sack on 2nd and goal, Hodges lost about 10 yards.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) Riggs bulls inside the Georgia 20, but holding will send it back.

-- (TT 24, Neb 14) The field is...GOOD!

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) 3rd and 11 pass is incomplete. Field goal is wide.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 0) Shockley is PICKED!!!...Almost a pick six!

-- (TT 24, Neb. 14) Colvin is PICKED!!! Almost another pick six.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 6) Clausen sneaks in for the touchdown! We got a ball game.

-- (TT 24, Neb 14) Hodges is dropped on the safety blitz by Nebraska.

-- (TT 27, Neb 14) And the field goal is good for the Red Raiders.

*Not much has happened since my last update. Georgia drove inside the 20 and fumbled...Tennessee fumbled it back but stopped Georgia and they will have the ball inside their own 1. Meanwhile Nebraska scored to close the game to 27-21 but they just fumbled to Texas Tech and Texas Tech will take over on offense, both games are in the fourth quarter.*

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 7) I will say it now, Tennessee has no chance of making a drive out of this field position.

-- (TT 27, Neb 21) FUMBLE!!! Big play for Nebraska...No chance of this not being reviewed. Looks like an accurate call, but they need to review it.

-- (TT 27, Neb 21) It's a fumble, this game is sloppy.

-- (UGA 13, Tenn 7) The Volunteers are trying to set up a makeable third down.

-- (UGA 19, Tenn 7) Big punt return, don't get caught by the punter....NO....Touchdown Dawgs!

-- (Neb 28, TT 27) What a catch! What a touchdown! Still a sloppy game.

-- (Neb 28, TT 27) Give credit to the Huskers, they have completely shut down Tech's offense in the second half.

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LiveBlogging FSU-Wake

Not many seats available at Doak Campbell today despite abnormally hot October temperatures. Note to administration, don't schedule games against Rice and Western Michigan at noon next year.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) Ok guys, let's get this show on the road. I'm not a huge fan of Jefferson Pilot broadcasts.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) The Seminoles lead this series 20-2-1 and no I don't know where the two losses and one tie happened.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) Cory Randolph is back at QB for Wake and he should've never left the spot.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) A couple of running plays gives Wake a third and about six, which comes up short. Good defensive stand.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) Technically difficulties are impeding my screen but Weatherford is 3-for-3 with three first downs so far.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) I hate Jefferson Pilot. It's like watching cable access.

-- (FSU 0, Wake 0) Washington apparently runs through a big hole and gets down to the 1 yard line. I guess I'll see it on Sun Sports tomorrow.

-- (FSU 7, Wake 0) On second and goal Weatherford calls his own number. The game is still in the black so I'm going to make breakfast and come back.

*Ok, quick synopsis, FSU drove again and Wake held them to a field goal, on the next drive Wake scored on a 67-yard end around so it's 10-7*

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) Wake is starting to put pressure on Weatherford but FSU has nine first downs already.

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) A screen to Washington on third down gains 11 thanks to Washington's toughness.

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) The color commentator is using way too many boxer references.

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) Weatherford gets obliterated on an incomplete pass, what a nasty hit.

-- (FSU 10, Wake 7) Weatherford completes a pass to a wide-open Richard Goodman who fumbles on the hit but recovers.

-- (FSU 16, Wake 7) Weatherford goes to the end zone on a jump ball and connected with 6-6 Greg Carr for the touchdown! Carr is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play.

-- (FSU 17, Wake 7) Cismesia kicked the ball out of bounds so Wake gets the ball at the 50.

-- (FSU 17, Wake 7) Barclay breaks through the line and gained 31 yards. Wake has outplayed FSU for the second half of the first quarter.

-- (FSU 17, Wake 7) FSU tightens up with the help of a clipping call and the Wake Forest kicker, Swank, was shanked to hell.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) It's halftime...Let's whiparound

-- (UF 12, MSU 3) Florida holds the Bulldogs on third down. Omar Conner took a major shot and reamins down. Last week MSU lost Norwood, their other Qb...So the third-stringer warms up.

-- (Texas 7, OU 3) FUMBLE!! Latimer from Oklahoma caused it, Sooners recover at the Texas 26.

-- (Texas 7, OU 3) A heavily-bandaged Peterson runs for seven and Jones follows him with a first down.

-- (Texas 7, OU 3) Short pass by Bomar is complete and brings up 3rd and about four.

-- (Texas 7, OU 3) Bomar goes to the end zone and it's incomplete. Hartley made a 52-yarder already and adds a 26-yarder.

-- (Texas 7, OU 6) Is Mack Brown sweating yet?

-- (Texas 14, OU 6) Another one play drive for Texas, this results in an 80-yard touchdown.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Back to my original game. Weatherford is in and the Seminoles erase a nice run by Booker with a holding call.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Weatherford is taking a lot of hits. He's avoiding the pass rush but he should chuck the ball away.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Weatherford completes a pass to Fagg shy of the first down, but a flag comes down...Offsides on Wake, declined and FSU will go for fourth and inches. I'm expecting 35 wham.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) I'm wrong Weatherford does it himself.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) On third down Weatherford gets sacked and fumbles...FSU recovered but lineman Matt Meinrod got hurt...That's not good, a major injury.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Meinrod was carted to the back...That's a MAJOR injury. Meanwhile it's third and 2, Randolph completes the pass for a first down.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Another third and long for Wake Forest and the screen pass only gets half of way....Fake Punt! It works for a big gain.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) I give them credit, nice call.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 7) Wake has gained 26 yards on 12 plays...Not efficient, but it's working.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Swank hits a 29-yarder.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Nice return by O'Neal and a personal foul face mask gives FSU the ball in Wake territory.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) On third and six Weatherford completes a pass to Fagg for a first down.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Weatherford misfires twice and it's third and 10. Like Weatherford, but these nickel and dime passes are killing me.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) So Weatherford misfires deep. Punt.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Wake gets a nice gain on a gimmick reverse.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 10) Second and long is converted on a screen to Barclay. Barclay is a big time player.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 16) Barclay rumbles and breaks into the open....20-10....5...touchdown. Beautiful, quick drive and now we'll see have the FSU offense reacts under pressure.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 17) It's a new ball game.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 17) Of course the FSU board on the Rivals network is going ballistic.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 17) Weatherford has misfired on his last six passes.

-- (FSU 20, Wake 17) Weatherford gets romped as he lofts the ball in the air and who's there...Greg Carr! and it's a HUGE play, dragging defenders for 25-30 yards..

-- (FSU 26, Wake 17) Weatherford hits Rouse, he makes a move and scores! Weatherford answers the call.

-- (FSU 27, Wake 17) It's amazing what luck does...These things didn't happen with Chris Rix here.

-- (FSU 27, Wake 17) Injury update on Meinrod: Fracture fibula and dislocated ankle, he's done for the season.

-- (FSU 27, Wake 17) Third and short isn't converted as Barclay is stopped.

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Around the State

No capsules this week, it's a light week for the big three and USF is off.

Wake Forest (2-3) at Florida State (4-0): The Deacons have always been a tougher-than-expected opponent for FSU because of their aggressive blocking style. The Seminoles will look to get the running game going again this week or eventually succumb to being a passing team. FSU 38-14

Mississippi State (2-3) at Florida (4-1): This is a revenge game for a 38-31 shocker last season that cost Ron Zook and several assistants their jobs. I don't expect the Gators to put up huge numbers because they are going to tinker with the offense in preparation for next week's road game at LSU. Florida 34-13

Duke (1-4) at Miami (3-1): One more week for the Hurricanes to get their offense on track. Miami 45-6

Memphis (2-2) at Central Florida (2-2): Can we go for three in a row and an outright lead in the Conference? Yeah! UCF 21-14

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Around the ACC

Nice light day in the conference/state

Marshall (2-2) at Virginia Tech (5-0): A few years ago this would have been a hell of a matchup. These days it's more of a glorified scrimmage for the Hokies as they prepare for their stretch championship run. Virginia Tech 44-13

Virginia (3-1) at Boston College (4-1): The best game in the conference today. Boston College has proven they can win in the conference at home or on the road. Virginia had been winning unimpressively and it caught up to them at Maryland. Boston College 27-14

Maryland (3-2) at Temple (0-5): The season won't end quick enough for the Owls. I'm wondering if their football program will survive this season. Maryland 56-10

North Carolina (2-2) at Louisville (3-1): The Cardinals continue to bounce back from the demoralizing loss at South Florida. UNC will put up some resistence, but they aren't good enough defensively. Louisville 42-23

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Friday, October 07, 2005

LiveBlogging (UConn-Syracuse)

Why the hell not, I'm bored and I can finish my last page at work during halftime.

*Picking up the action with 2:59 left in the first and UConn up 6-0*

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) The reason why I didn't liveblog yesterday's game is because watching Georgia Tech go from good in September to below average in October is becoming too painful.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) I look at this game and while I'm willing to admit that the Big East is in trouble...Give it time, this will develop into a decent little conference.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) While we're in timeout. I like UCLA over California tomorrow, should be a good game. I'll probably TiVo it off of GamePlan. I like both of these teams and coaches.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) Oh darn, The Angels have a 5-0 lead on the Yankees....Good gracious to crapola.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) Patterson completes a nice pass after some nifty moves in the pocket. First down, Cuse.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) 73 degrees and raining in mid-October in Storrs, Connecticut...Global warming?? Pashaw...doesn't exist...

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) Patterson is belted on a blitz as he throws an ill-advised pass that was tipped and intercepted...If the tipper caught it, it would have been a pick six.

-- (UConn 6, Syracuse 0) D.J. Hernandez (no relation to D.J. Venom) comes in the game and goes three-and-out. I wish Bowden would sub his quarterbacks so freely.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) I missed a couple series on a phone call but the UConn kicker just nailed a 50-yarder...Gotta love that. BTW I'll be liveblogging an FSU game for the first (and probably only) time this season.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Boneheaded special teams plays are the death of a football team. In this case Syracuse was backed up to the seven and didn't have a prayer.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) A good return puts UConn inside the 35. They can break this game wide open.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Unfortunately a block in the back penalty and a three and out just gave the Huskies plenty of space to punt.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Patterson does the over-the-shoulder flip and it works! For a first down.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Patterson is doing well at driving the team in between the 20s, he has a good understand of the west coast system.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Big 3rd and 3 for the Cuse and Patterson misfires...That's 4-out of-6 drives where Syracuse went into UConn territory only to punt.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) UConn has an unspectacular three and out. I take it back, the Big East is going to continue to suck.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Umm Rod Gilmore, at last check Louisville was definitely getting it done in football. Let's see 11-1 season in 2004, Top 10 ranking in 2005...Yeah they are doing ok.
-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Patterson tries to get something downfield and gets crushed intstead. Please let this half end.

-- (UConn 9, Syracuse 0) Patterson gets crushed to open the second half and fumbles, through some bad luck hex the Huskies didn't recover.

-- (UConn 16, Syracuse 0) UConn scored thanks a great return and strong running by Caulley.

-- (UConn 16, Syracuse 0) Fields is intercepted. No surprise, UConn has been jumping on that out for a bit now.

-- (UConn 16, Syracuse 0) Hernandez, surprisingly fleet on foot, puts UConn inside the 10 and Brockington powers his way to the 1. I tell you South Florida at UConn could decide the Big East. Wouldn't that be amazing.

-- (UConn 22, Syracuse 0) Hernandez scores on the keeper...*snooze*

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Report Card: Defense

The first-team defense pitched a shutout for the better part of three quarters and thanks to their effort the team was never really threatened by Syracuse.

Defensive Ends: The rushers were credited with three of seven sacks with Kam Wimbley getting two of them. Unfortunately Darrell Burston went down with an injury, but I expect Alex Boston will be fine as his replacement. The ends were assisted by more of the 3-4 this week as well. Grade: B+

Defensive Tackles: In the past our tackles have struggled against mobile option attacks but on Saturday they were rock solid. Both Andre Fluellen and Brodrick Bunkley got to the quarterback. Bunkley has really surprised me as he is among the best interior guys in the nation. With the backups at tackle being a little thin, the second teamers played most of the second half. Grade: B+

Linebackers: Buster Davis was pretty much everywhere. Lawrence Timmons remains a beast with the second team and on special teams. Ernie Sims and A.J. Nicholson were very active, but they didn't make any huge plays. Marcello Church is really excelling as a 'buck' linebacker in the 3-4 scheme. He's very quick on the blitz. Grade: A-

Cornerbacks: Tony Carter might be the best freshmen cornerback FSU has started since Deion. Not that Carter is the same type of player Deion is (he isn't), but he's so mature, such a great tackler, so quick to the ball it's hard to believe he's an undersized freshmen. The eventually phasing out of Gerard Ross has begun as Trevor Ford and J.R. Bryant got extended time. Grade: B+

Safeties: Kyler Hall made an amazing interception, highlight reel quality stuff and he's making everyone forget his issues in 2002 and 2003. Pat Watkins was banged up and Roger Williams had to play a little more than normal. He struggled a bit, especially on Syracuse's second touchdown but it's important for him to get the playing time. Grade: B

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Report Card: Offense

For the most part, my blog sabbatical has ended and I think I'm going to LiveBlog tonight's ACC tilt between N.C. State and Georgia Tech to prove it. I just needed to not blog for a couple of days and relax. Take a little vacation if I can say.

So grades from the Syracuse game, which I didn't watch until Tuesday.

Offensively the team racked up over 500 yards that's why I laugh when people say the FSU offense has questions...Yeah, my first question is why didn't we hit 600 yards. The running game wasn't what I wanted and no one can pick up the corner blitz, but still things seem to be going well through four games and the record proves that.

Quarterbacks: Forget the numbers, Drew Weatherford was held in check with his touchdown pass to Willie Reid being chalked up to pure luck. Teams are starting to get a jump on Weatherford and he doesn't help himself by refusing to take chances downfield. Syracuse should've gotten two first-quarter interceptions just staying in a Cover 2. A glorified dump off to Booker is marked as a 71-yard touchdown. Xavier Lee came in for a few series and completed a pass for 56 yards and a catch-and-run for 77 yards. They need to get Lee in even earlier. Grade: B

Running Backs: Leon Washington finally looks to be back in football shape, his feet were much quicker this week. Not much to report here, like I said Booker made his presence felt in the passing game. The unit remains a threat and a focal point of opposing defenses and that cut down in production. Grade: C

Wide Receivers: Chris Davis and Willie Reid finally made some plays, which they can credit to the presence of 6-6 Greg Carr, who was double teamed. Not sure how Kenny O'Neal got caught from behind, he's supposed to be a track star. No catches for Fred Rouse makes me a sad man. Grade: B+

Offensive Line: The pass protection is getting a little better. Teams are still stacking the box and the zone blocking schemes have been tougher to adjust to than everyone originally thought. They could also do a better job of communicating when a blitz is coming. Grade: C

Kicking: Gary Cismecia made a field goal and missed one. His kickoffs were fine and the kickoff coverage was outstanding. Grade: B-

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