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Saturday, October 29, 2005

LiveBlogging Miami-UNC

(Picking up action at 12:25 in the 1st quarter, UNC is driving)..

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) 2nd down at the Hurricane 3 from the Tar Heels and McGill will get a first down inside the 2. So far UNC has carried over their success against Miami from a year ago.

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) First a foremost I want to say that Miami's throwback unis are the shiz-nit...The green and gold looks pretty damn good.

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) Edwards stuffed on first and goal.

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) Baker stuffed on second and goal and the comatose crwod gets alive.

-- (UNC 0, UM 0) McGill walks in the end zone on third and goal, they went off tackle and made it look easy.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) With this break I'm going to do the quickie State/ACC roundup.


Wake Forest over Duke, 28-14
Clemson over Georgia Tech, 28-24
N.C. State over So. Miss, 23-20


FSU over Maryland, 24-13
Miami over UNC, 31-14
UCF over East Carolina, 27-17

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) Miami gets out to a quick start until Wright goes deep and gets intercepted...Didn't look like he had much on that throw.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) Defenses are starting to take over. Right now Miami has a 3rd and short that Tyrone Moss breaks into the second for a big gain of around 30 yards.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) Wright shows his agility and gains about 9 on a scramble, tack on a personal foul because of the late hit and Miami is in the red zone.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) The call looked shady at best.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) First down at the 12 and Moss pushes it inside the 10.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) A triple tight-end set can't help Moss get into the end zone. Looks like we're at 4th down.

-- (UNC 7, UM 0) Actually scratch that, Moss got the first down and Miami has to go about 30 inchs on four tries....

-- (UNC 7, UM 6) Moss doesn't make them wait long.

(Side Note: Holy shit is Ted Ginn Jr. fast....Good grief)

-- (UNC 7, UM 7) McGill moves the ball inside Miami territory again as the first quarter ends. So far so good for the Tar Heels.

-- (UNC 7, UM 7) Oof....when trick plays go bad...Probably not the smartest move from the North Carolina coaching staff.

-- (UNC 7, UM 7) Whoops! Bad snap and Carolina had the opportunity to recover it but Winston did a smart thing and kicked it out of the end zone...Safety..

-- (UNC 7, UM 7) No safety? Eh? Hmm...someone will have to explain that one to me.

-- (UNC 9, UM 7) Ahhh...the penalty would've put the ball at the one, but Bunting declined the penalty and the Heels do get the safety.

-- (UNC 9, UM 7) Still a smart play by Winston.

-- (UNC 9, UM 7) First down at the 50 for the Tar Heels and a nice out route puts the Heels close to a first down.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Another bruising touchdown drive for the Tar Heels and right now Miami needs a shot of expresso or something to get back in things.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Moss continues to chop up yardage, but this has been the area where Miami makes mistakes.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) I called it...Kyle Wright makes a HORRIBLE pass that's intercepted.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Going to be a big third and long for both sides. If you're UNC you want this lead to get to double digits.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) My goodness, Jaworski Pollock dropped a touchdown an EASY touchdown..

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Moss breaks another big gain and Miami is in North Carolina territory, can Kyle Wright avoid the mistake?

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) ANOTHER interception....And Miami might need to think about Kirby Freeman.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) With two minutes remaining I wonder if the Tar Heels are content with 16-7.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Miami will have the ball with under 50 seconds remaining.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) I thought Wright got the first down but he didn't and the clock keeps running.

-- (UNC 16, UM 7) Wright's hail mary doesn't get answered and we're at halftime.

-- (UNC 16, UM 14) Midway in the third quarter and Miami already has one touchdown in the bank thanks to Tyrone Moss.

-- (UNC 16, UM 14) Wright gets the ball to Hill for a first down. Miami is starting to warm up on both sides of the ball.

-- (UNC 16, UM 14) Big third down and long for the Hurricanes right now..UNC's defense covers well and Wright can't scramble.

-- (UM 20, UNC 16) Not sure what happened to Ronnie McGill, but this game looks more like I expected it to originally.

-- (UM 20, UNC 16) Baker gets swamred and fumbles...Hurricanes cover and this is a hell of a turnaround.

-- (UM 26, UNC 16) Stretch play to Moss gets in the end zone and as far as I'm concerned, this game is over.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Va. Tech-Boston College

This is a whale of a Thursday night game. The execs at Bristol must be doing back flips.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) The Eagles have already come out the gate converting two third downs. They might have to win this game with the pass.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) Not so lucky on third and seven...Oh well.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) Right off the bat the Hokies come out with the pass.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) Ron Cherry is the official tonight. He's probably the most hated referee in the ACC because he's so mean when he calls fouls.

-- (VT 0, BC 0) Vick connects with Clowney for a 40+ yard gain and the Hokies are already in the red zone.

-- (VT 3, BC 0) Eagles hold tight and keep the Hokies out of the end zone.

-- (VT 3, BC 0) Two possessions for Boston College and two punts.

-- (VT 3, BC 0) The Hokies are driving consistently, they seem ready to turn this game into a quick blowout.

-- (VT 3, BC 0) Nifty moves by Imoh put Virginia Tech in the red zone again

-- (VT 6, BC 0) Another tight hold for the Eagles, with the aid of a penalty, and they stay within one score for at least another five minutes.

-- (BC 7, VT 6) Ugly, wobbly pass somehow finds a BC receiver in the end zone. Talk about a fluke...although the screen play before it was well executed.

-- (BC 7, VT 6) That pass was so ugly (How ugly was it)...That pass was so ugly, that Jim Tressel almost gave Porter a scholarship (laughter ensues)...

-- (BC 7, VT 6) BC will have to get something accomplished on defense because they aren't going to outscore Tech.

-- (VT 13, BC 7) *shakes head* falling for a reverse BC? C'mon.

-- (VT 13, BC 7) Now the Marcus Vick show is ready to begin. He has completely owned this drive, I think he calls his own shot to get in the end zone.

-- (VT 20, BC 7) Rollout and another touchdown. Is the rout on?

-- (VT 20, BC 10) The Eagles showed a lot of pride and ALMOST got in the end zone before settling for a field goal.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) The Hokies are like 7-for-10 on third downs or something. Vick seems to live for the third and long situation.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) Erin Andrews is going for the Sherlock Holmes look tonight.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) Virginia Tech's receivers don't get enough credit either, but this is a strong, undervalued unit.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) 3-for-3 on third downs on this drive alone.

-- (VT 20, BC 10) DO'H! Fumble! Eagles recover and stop the Hokies.

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Goin' Fishing..

...Whenever the talk about BCS gets boring, Fisher DeBerry is here to save the day. I had to give myself a good day or two to disgest Fisher's words to see where he went wrong. I think I've found it. (And here's a link for you to follow along)

"We were looking at things, like you don't see many minority athletes in our program."

This is a good statement. Here's a man, representing the finest of the finest, saying we need to diversify our athletic team. He's saying we need more minorities, more blacks, more asians, more people of samoan descent. We need to better represent all the things that are great about America. Right?

"It just seems to be that way, that Afro-American kids can run very, very well. That doesn't mean that Caucasian kids and other descents can't run, but it's very obvious to me they run extremely well."

Ok, here's where good intentions go bad. The media asked him to elaborate and he could've in a different way. He could've said we need more competition on the practice field or followed that whole diversity thing. Sure it wouldn't have been honest, but who really tells the truth in college football?

In the end, I'm going to throw Fisher a line here. What he said wasn't too bright, but I've heard worse. Actually Paul Hornung's comments were far worst because he said that Notre Dame has to lower standards to get more black players in. Fisher didn't go there and I'd suggest he avoid media press conferences for a few weeks.

Meanwhile out in New Mexico, Hal Mumme has just flipped out, proving that his good ol boy roots still haven't fallen far from the tree.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico has filed a grievance against New Mexico State head football coach Hal Mumme, alleging he discriminated against a now-released Muslim player by repeatedly questioning him about al-Qaida.

And going further...

[Former Aggies running back Muammar] Ali's father, Mustafa Ali, said in a telephone call from California that Ali learned he was being released through a message an assistant coach left on his cell phone. His father said he has been denied meetings with coaches.

The grievance, written by ACLU staff attorney George Bach of Albuquerque, said Mumme questioned Ali repeatedly in July about "Islam and specifically its ties to al-Qaida," the terrorist organization headed by Osama bin Laden.

My first question is simple: Is Hal Mumme fucking retarded? There's no way a caoch can be this ignorant is there? He starts questioning him about al-Qaida? Are you kidding me.

Terrorism is no joke and it's no place for a football coach to go snooping around. If he's Islam and in America...chances are the FBI knows who he is and will talk to him when they feel it's necessary. Hal's job is to be the football coach, not some secret government interrogator. And if he held him in a locked room and asked these questions...that's false imprisonment.

This is so obviously religious discrimination that it's not even funny. Not only should Ali be compensated for the scholarship money he lost and be given a grievance by the NCAA to immediately transfer to another program but NMSU needs to be honest and thorough in their investigation and report any possible misgivings to the NCAA...

And if there are too many misgivings, they might want to tell Mumme to take a hike and apply for a job in the CIA since he's obviously qualified.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blogpoll #9

The official blogpoll is here and it seems like Virginia Tech actually benefitted more from Texas Tech being overrated than anyone.

My blogpoll is here and it's changed a bit in the top 10. I moved UCLA up to #5 because now I think they are better than Alabama and LSU and would beat both of them.

Northwestern took a big jump (rightfully so) and Texas Tech to a motherload of a drop because they really didn't have a quality win to justify anything higher.

Maybe I'll answer the blogpoll question tonight, it seems kind of interesting.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend Rewind

A nice downer week after last week's crazy highs. I couldn't go through another week like last week. Especially if it meant watching Florida State lose again. Luckily Duke was on the schedule and most of the school's best athletes are on the basketball or debate team.

So quick thoughts...real Jeezy like.

Michigan St.-Northwestern: The drama department is kicking all kinds of ass. The Wildcats are like a bunch of gnats running up and down the field. Not really sure what happened to the Spartans other than the fact that they don't have any character and will probably lose three of their next four. Meanwhile I'm all for nominating Randy Walker as national coach of the year, remember these guys got completely hosed out of a victory against Penn State. I still love John L. Smith though.

Michigan-Iowa: The impending death of Lloyd Carr has been greatly overstated.

Virginia-UNC: I saw one play of this game. It was a game-ending punt. It was probably the highlight of the game.

Texas Tech-Texas: About what I expected. Texas Tech isn't very good away from home and frankly the Big XII is about one team deep this year. I honestly think Baylor might have the best chance of upsetting Texas. I also feel like if Virginia Tech or Georgia wins out the computers will eventually screw over the Longhorns. I'd be perfectly happy with that result, as karmatic reversals for Mack Brown whining his way into the BCS last year.

FSU-Duke: Snooze. It was nice to see Antone Smith get into the rotation. He's the second best running back on the team already. Bowden says he's been officially rolled into the regular game plan now. Yeah right.

Tennessee-Alabama: Oh yeah baby, this is red state pigskin at its finest. No scoring, horrible offensive execution...all defense and hitting, just the way the Bear and Neyland meant for it to be. I might drop Bama behind UCLA because their offense is just pathetic without Prothro. Jamie Christensen is money though and Tennessee needs to start thinking about a way for Fulmer to exit and a new coach to jump in. Phil has had a nice run, but it's coming to an end.

Colorado St.-Wyoming: Through sheer boredom I flipped to this game and damn if it wasn't entertaining. I couldn't tell you who was on either team and I don't care enough to look it up, but it dominated my picture-in-picture for the better part of two hours.

UCLA-Oregon State: Yeah Maurice Drew can now join Matt Leinart and LenDale Bush in the race for the second best player in Los Angeles. And that Olson kid is pretty good too. UCLA has a lot of talent, Olson, Drew, Marcedes...gotta love a kid named after a car. Whatever Karl Dorrell is cooking, I'm taking a bite out of it so lay off of him Bruin fans.

Oklahoma-Baylor: I watched a ton of football this day. I knew Oklahoma was bad, I didn't think they were BAYLOR bad though. Actually Baylor is probably the third or fourth best team in the conference, which shows you how bad the Big XII is. Bad is probably too strong a word, it's just full of mediocrity. Texas is really good and the second best team in the conferece (??) might finish second in the Big East. That's your Big XII status update.

Auburn-LSU: Nice to see FSU isn't the only school with kicking problems. 1-for-6 is downright awful. It's scholarship-revoked type awful. LSU is still trying to consistently overcome the "Les Mile" disease and every week they get a little closer. They really need to get Justin Vincent more involved in the game. Joseph Addai is a stud and a half, but it's perfect legal to utilize two running backs in a game.

FAU-Arkansas State: Wow, Jeremy I pray you didn't decide to sit through this one. If someone wanted to argue that Bama-Tennessee was good defense...ok, I'll listen. But the Owls and Indians flat out sucked. I tell you, the last five minutes of that game were so bad it was comical. I was hoping for like a five OT thriller, but only to see when the stands would start clearing out. The Sun Belt teams have a loooooooooooooong way to go.

Cal-Washington State: Probably the best game of the state. The Bears looked like they were going to roll until Wazzu finally snapped out of of its two-week funk. The Pac-10 is so much better than anyone gives it credit for. Probably the third best conference in the nation...or at least tied for third with the 10+1. Not on the level of the ACC or SEC however. Still Cal needs to put together a more consistent passing game to go along with their incredible rushing attack if they want to beat USC.

Whew, that was a long week.

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