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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Punched Out

Fresh from the AP Wires

WASHINGTON -- Mike Tyson's career may have ended in a shocker Saturday night when he quit on the stool after taking a beating in a foul-filled sixth round against unheralded Kevin McBride.

Tyson lost for the third time in his last four fights, and once again he faded badly as the rounds went on before head butting McBride in a desperate attempt to end the fight in the sixth round.

"I don't have the stomach for this anymore,'' Tyson said. "I most likely won't fight anymore. I'm not going to disrespect the sport by losing to this caliber of fighters.''

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My Belmont Choices...

An hour before post time. My top four goes as such.

Afleet Alex W (6-5)
Southern Africa P (13-1)
Andromeda's Hero S (15-1)

It's only a 4-5 horse race with many of the longshots just racing to get some conditioning. In a normal year with a normal Kentucky Derby, Afleet Alex would be vying for the triple crown today. Andromeda's Hero will do well at the longer distance but Giacomo will make up a ton of ground on the lengthy backstretch.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

NBA Finals Open Thread...

I'll try this and see if anyone comes around. I wonder if R.D. is so busy with Spurs stuff that he forgot to post on Cheap Seats today.

Anyway, I think the Pistons will win this series in six because of Tayshaun Prince and the fact that I don't see how he won't be able to get open looks and help double up on Duncan.

As for tonight's game, I think the Spurs will win.

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Bonds: Ron Kittle Is An Idiot

A week after claims were were that Barry Bonds told former Chicago White Sox Ron Kittle that he doesn't sign for white people, Bonds snapped back.
"Who is Kittle? How long did he play? He played in our league?" Bonds said, lying on a clubhouse couch before Thursday's game against the Royals. "Ha! Do you guys believe that? ... Do you guys know my life history a little bit? ... One, you insult my children, who are half-white.

"I was married to a woman who was white, so let's get real. I don't even know the guy. Tell him he's an ... idiot. Somebody said he wanted a piece of me. Tell him I'm at 24 Willie Mays Plaza and he can come get me anytime he wants to -- with pleasure. Don't insult my family."

In Kittle's book, "Tales from the White Sox Dugout," he writes that he approached Bonds at his locker in the visitors' clubhouse at Wrigley Field about autographing some jerseys to be auctioned for a cancer charity. Kittle retired after the 1991 season, and Bonds and the Giants were in Chicago to face the Cubs.

"It's the truth. I don't lie," Kittle told The Associated Press in a phone interview Tuesday. "I tell it as it is. It's unfortunate it happened. And I didn't bring it up to
sell the books."

Whether it's true or not I don't know. Of course the media types that hate Bonds ran with it because it's an easy thing to believe that he said just as a way to get Kittle to leave him alone.

However for Kittle to say he didn't bring it up to sell books? Riiiiiiiiiiight. And Jose Canseco really didn't want his book to focus on steroids either.

Bonds Snaps Back [AP]

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D-Train Keeps Rollin'

Is he your NL All-Star starter?

The leg kick tells you all. Even though the Mariners were game, Dontrelle Willis won his league-high 10th game of the season for the Marlins.

This leads to the question of who will be the starting pitcher for the NL come All-Star time. Right now I'd say it's a race between Willis and Pedro Martinez. Pedro is 7-1 with three no-decisions on games that the Mets bullpen blew. He leads the NL in strikeouts and is the reason why the Mets have remained in contention of a muddled NL East. Normally this would be a no brainer because above all, Pedro IS an All-Star. He's box office, his last start generally 10,000 ticket sales in walk ups alone.

But if anyone can rival Pedro for league popularity it's the D-Train, the big leg kick, the infectious personality. The youthful spirit, Willis is the drug-free Dwight Gooden. Right now I think it's a major decision between the two. Roger Clemens would be considered, but he started last year in Houston and the Astros aren't in contention this season.

Right now I think Pedro gets the nod, it's a respect thing. Their numbers are almost identical, Much like Randy Johnson got the nod in similar situations in the past, Pedro, a former All-Star MVP, will get the nod this time and give way to the future in the third inning. Clemens will come on in the fifth and it'll be a nice story. A future Hall of Famer pitching between two of the best baseball has ever seen.

Willis, Delgado Ends Marlins' Skid [Miami Herald]

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Doston to Plead Guilty.. the murder of former Baylor basketball teammate Patrick Dennehy.

Dotson, whose trial was scheduled to begin Monday, did not enter into a plea agreement with prosecutors. The 23-year-old faces from five years to life in prison on the murder conviction. Sentencing was set for June 15.

Dotson did not speak during the brief hearing other than one-word answers to questions from state District Judge Ralph Strother.

Dotson Confesses to Killing [AP]

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NHL, NHLPA Agree on Salary-Cap Structure...

Finally making some headway in the longest, more unnecessary lockout ever.
According to the Globe's league and player sources, a salary floor and cap will be based on a percentage of each NHL team's revenue. The paper adds that in the first year - based on revenue projections by both sides - the salary cap will range from $34 million to $36 million US, with the floor from $22 million to $24 million US.

The salary-cap issue was seen as the biggest hurdle in talks for a new collective bargaining agreement.

The Globe also reports that the formula calls for a dollar-for-dollar luxury tax to kick in at the halfway mark between the floor and the cap. If the floor of the lowest team is $22 million US and the cap on the highest team is $36 million US, then the 'tax level' will be $29 million US.

NHL Sides Agree on Cap Formula [TSN/G&M]

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Moss Is Boss... the NFL merchandize game. I said that this trade would do for jersey sales what the L.A. Kings/Chicago White Sox hats did in the late 80s/early 90s. I'm still shocked "Game" hasn't sported a Moss jersey in one of his videos.
As usual, several first-round draft choices were among the top 25, led by Tampa Bay running back Carnell Williams, who was eighth. Alex Smith, the first pick in the draft by San Francisco, was 12th; Cleveland's Braylon Edwards was 13th; Miami's Ronnie Brown was 15th and Chicago's Cedric Benson was 23rd.

At the same time last year, the New York Giants' jersey of Eli Manning — the first pick in the 2004 draft — was seventh, even though he hadn't taken a snap in the NFL. His brother Peyton, the league's co-MVP for 2003, was 20th. Neither Manning is in the top 25 this year.

No one's surprised about the last sentence and as expected Michael Vick is the second-best jersey sale.

Moss, Eagles Lead NFL Sales [AP]

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

ESPN to BCS: Thanks, But....

Fresh off the AP Wire...

ESPN withdrew from the college football coaches' poll Tuesday, the second major news organization to say it didn't want to be a part of the Bowl Championship Series' weekly rankings.
The cable sports network said it no longer wanted its name attached to the rankings unless all ballots were made public, not just the final ones. USA Today will continue running the poll, which helps determine who plays for the national championship.

In December, The Associated Press told the BCS to stop using its media poll in its weekly formula.

"Coaches have the perfect right to conduct their voting the way they see fit,'' said Vince Doria, ESPN's vice president and director of news. "We just feel, in our best interests here, we couldn't reconcile having our name on the poll and being able to cover any controversy that might arise.''

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When Operative Strikes..

Taylor Must Plead His Case.

Well I was able to get in touch with my operative concerning the Sean Taylor arrest and now his excuse from Redskins training camp (which is what he wanted all alone).

The following is completely unedited.

nitty told me that holmes was followed by some bammas from parine (sp?) richmond heights, south miami. they waited till he got in the crib, and then stole some fancy truck i never heard of. he went to the dudes and demanded his ride. they said he had to payfor it!!!!! playing him real 'hoe-style'.

Not sure when he did his gun chumping, but apparently these cats shot up his house, and destroyed a hummer of his. sounds to me that youngin is frontin, and the bammas he is running with are frontin too. if he was rolling with his real gorillas, dudes wouldn't be trying to play him so hard.

Also, he aint been working out. he's been chillin. aint call coach andy gibbs either. sounds to me, like some of the 'stuff' may be involved here. more than just booze. young cats dont say screw the world of booze, as they will still get up and work out and what not. usually, that type of behavior is after years of punishing the bottles of sunshine. feel me?

youngin is lunchin, is playing himself like a bamma, and everybody knows it. he needs to tighten up.

south miami tuffy huh....hahahahahah

So there you have it. He's lunchin', frontin' and he need to tighten up, especially if he serves any jail time.

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Afternoon Roundup:

So far, the news..

-- Justin Upton one ups his brother, B.J., and is the first pick taken in the 2005 MLB draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks. B.J. was taken second overall pick two years ago by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays [AP]

-- NFL confirms the suspension of Vikings running back Onterrio "Mr. Whizzinator" Smith for the 2005 season. [AP]

-- The Mets take the flyer on former Reds closer Danny Graves in hopes of bolstering their own bullpen troubles. [Newsday]

-- NYC Mayor Bloomberg says "We have let down America" in West Side stadium eulogy. [Newsday]

-- Scrappy T scrapped, will not entertain rematch with Afleet Alex in Saturday's Belmont Stakes [WT]

-- Bulls fail to extend Skiles' contract, some outlets report he will not coach team for 2005 season [Tribune]

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West Side Not Always the Best Side...

And just like that the Jets' dream facility, New York's 2010 Super Bowl and NYC 2012 are on a flatline with no life support in sight.

Lightly-regarded assemblyman Sheldon Silver put a major wrench in any future stadium plans with an abstention on the three-person Public Authorities Commission Board. The board needed unanimous approval but Silver has a greater desire to help rebuild downtown Manhattan, which hasn't recovered economically from the 9/11 attacks.

As for the Jets stadium and the NFL's hope for a Super Bowl. They will have to take their money somewhere else in the city. My suggestion would be around Nassau County, Long Island in a stadium/arena deal with the Islanders or back to their roots in Queens.

New York Fails in Quest for Stadium [NYT]
Roberts: A Future Without West Side Stadium [NYT]
Powell: No West Side Stadium? Fine [Newsday]

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Crash Course

Darin Erstad gets up close and personal with Braves catcher Johnny Estrada.

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Road Warriors

Mission Accomplished.

It takes a great team to win a Game 7 on the road and the Pistons proved they are that team. Down the stretch with a 20-8 run and shutting down Dwayne Wade over the final 15 minutes made the difference.

Shaq played strong for the Heat and Wade was valiant but the Pistons had too much for them and on a lineup card it appears that they will have too many players for the Spurs as well.

All credit is due to Detroit and as usual it wasn't one guy but a combination of many. Billups hit a big 3-pointer and four free throws. Ben Wallace had an emphatic dunk to give the Pistons the lead in the fourth and Rasheed Wallace came through with a put-back and two big free throws.

2004 Champions vs. 2003 Champions.

Cold-Blooded Pistons Eliminate Heat [Free-Press]
Albom: Pistons Show They Can Handle Heat [Free-Press]
Le Batard: Heat Run Ends in a Flash [Miami Herald]

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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Big Question

Will he or Won't he?

In what will be the most anticipated NBA game in the 21st century the big mystery surrounds the health of Dwyane Wade.

His dad says he'll play, his agent isn't sure. Personally I know he's going to play because he knows the Heat don't stand a chance without him. Everybody in the organization rolled the dice by resting him in Game 6 and taking the loss.

However a Wade at 60% isn't going to win the game for Miami. Instead Shaq will have to revert back to his old self and dominate, he'll need at least 30 points and 10 rebounds, probably more. The Heat will also need contributions from Eddie Jones and strong bench play from Kenyon Dooling and Alonzo Mourning.

Meanwhile the Pistons will try to establish the Wallace boys early. If Rasheed Wallace can hit the outside shots it'll take Shaq's rebounding sidekick, Udonis Haslem, away from the basket. And any early points that Ben Wallace gets is good for energy.

The inside game will open the jump shots for Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups. And the Pistons can go bigger with Antonio McDyess or play up tempo with Lindsey Hunter and Carlos Arroyo.

In the end, Game 7 is in Miami and it's rare for a home team to lose a Game 7, especially when that team has Shaq on it. Give me the Heat, 95-87.

Poppa Wade: My Son Will Play [Sports Network]
Pistons Hoping for Wade's Return [Sun-Sentinel]
Shaq Must Hack It [NY Daily News]

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Morning Update..

So far, the news.

-- The Supreme Court refused Monday to consider reinstating a lawsuit that accuses federal officials of discriminating against male athletes in enforcing equal opportunities for women. [AP]

-- Viva la Olympique? Paris gets love from the IOC in 2012 race, New York City receives mostly positive reviews. [AP]

-- In one of the best clay-court matches I've seen in years, Spanish teen Rafeal Nadal becomes the new king of Roland Garros. How many can he win? (I say five) [Sun-Times]

-- Bart Bryant (who?) beats out the big names to win the Memorial [NYT]

-- My future wife, Cat Osterman, and the rest of the Texas Longhorns are eliminated despite the wonderful efforts of their ace. [Dallas Morning-News]

-- And props to the hometown college, Florida Southern, for winning its ninth NCAA Division II baseball title this weekend, defeated North Florida, 12-9. [The Ledger]

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News From the Lincoln Tunnel

Another bad weekend for the Bombers.

The picture says it all. The Yankees are now 1-5 on their road trip and slipping further out of interest. Meanwhile my beloved Mets split a doubleheader with the Giants and are stuck in a 5-way fight for first in the NL East.

Yanks Streak Stuck at One [NY Daily News]
Split Decision [Newsday]

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Listen to Your Coach

Sean Taylor has confirmed this fact: Joe Gibbs knows a whole lot more than he does. Taylor, who has been incognito from the Redskins organization, turned himself in over the weekend on charges of aggravated assault.

Now here comes the worse part. The guys from PTI can bash him unmercifully. Mr. Wilbon is up first:
What's already been proven is that Taylor has no regard for authority, doesn't have the decency to return a call to his coach, and that his word/signature means nothing. He has yet to demonstrate the first sign of responsibility or that he has any clue of what being responsible is.

It's not a telemarketer whose phone calls Taylor is refusing to return; it is those of his coach, Joe Gibbs. A football player with a shred of intelligence ought to genuflect whenever Gibbs is on the line. This fool apparently thinks pro football and culture in general ought to be thankful to have him.

Nice, but what about YOUR BOY, Tony Kornheiser:

As the story goes, Sean Taylor pulled a gun on some people who allegedly stole two all-terrain vehicles from him. Now you might want to ask: What exactly is Mr. Taylor doing with two ATVs? Is he going into the alligator-tracking business? More importantly, though, what exactly is Mr. Taylor doing with a gun? Or does that come with the scholarship at The U?

On the other hand, an ATV has at least three wheels, and sometimes four. If Mr. Taylor's college teammate at The U, Kellen Winslow Jr., had been tooling around on one of Mr. Taylor's ATVs instead of that motorcycle, he might be playing for the Browns this season.

Meanwhile I have a Sporting Fools operative that has some inside information (this is legit, I think) and I'll share it once he emails me back.

Taylor Posts Bond, Faces Assault Charge [WP]
A Flawed Character Study [WP]
OTA, ATV And an APB [WP]

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