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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

More Quick Hitters

-- Updated subpeona checklist:

McGwire...Yes [Post-Dispatch]
Canseco...Sort of [Star-Tribune]

-- Gregg Doyel blasts the NCAA Play-in Game (and rightfully so) [Sportsline]

-- Tiger Woods says he's not going to golf for as long as we think. Phil Mickelson will eventually have to find someone new to be second banana too. []

-- My precious Jets sue those evil bastards at Cablevision for denying my team their right to build a stadium on the West Side. [Newsday]

-- Viva la NFL! San Francisco and Arizona set to play first regular season game south of the border. Mexican government begs NFL to reconsider the matchup. [SF Chronicle]

-- Ignoramus award of the day goes to Brian Jordan for this zinger: "[Mark] McGwire is such a great guy. Whether he used steroids or not, it doesn't take away from his personality or what he did for baseball. []

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Bracketology 201: The XBox Never Lies...

I dusted off ESPN College Hoops 2K5 out of the mothballs (unfortunately not as good a game as 2K4) and decided to enter the tournament brackets to see what we could possibly expect. Here's what I found:

-- Oakland won the play-in game and subsequently lost to North Carolina by 26.

-- First Round "upsets: Ohio (13) def. Florida (4); N.C. State (10) def. Charlotte (7); Miss. St. (9) def. Stanford (8); Nevada (9) def. Texas (8); Pennsylvania (13) def. Boston College (4); Pittsburgh (9) def. Pacific (8); La-Lafayette (13) def. Louisville (4); Geo. Washington (12) def. Ga. Tech (5). (Sidenote: Syracuse (4) def. Vermont, 83-82)

-- First Top Seed Out: Duke loses 84-67 to Mississippi St. in the second round.

-- Double-Digit Seed in Sweet 16: George Washington (12)

-- Sweet Sixteen: Syracuse -- North Carolina (1), UConn (2), Kansas (3) Villanova (5)
Austin -- Syracuse (4), Utah (6) Cincinnati (7), Miss. St. (9);
Chicago -- Illinois (1), Oklahoma St. (2), Arizona (3), Alabama (5);
Albuquerque -- Washington (1), Wake Forest (2), Texas Tech (6), George Washington (12).

Syracuse Region:
North Carolina def. Villanova, 105-85
Kansas def. Connecticut, 80-57

Chicago Region:
Alabama def. Illinois, 86-78
Oklahoma St. def. Arizona, 72-70

Austin Region:
Mississippi St. def. Syracuse, 81-79
Cincinnati def. Utah, 101-72

Albuquerque Region:
George Washington def. Washington, 72-61
Wake Forest def. Texas Tech, 91-72.

-- Elite Eight Results:
Syracuse -- North Carolina (1) def. Kansas (3), 92-83
Chicago -- Oklahoma St. (2) def. Alabama (5), 69-67
Austin -- Mississippi St. (9) def. Cincinnati (7), 82-76
Albuquerque -- Wake Forest (2) def. Geo. Washington (12), 74-66

-- The Final Four:

North Carolina (1) def. Wake Forest (2), 92-60
Oklahoma St. (2) def. Mississippi St. (9), 79-76.


Oklahoma St. 87
North Carolina 83.

MVP: Joey Graham, Oklahoma St.


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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bracketology 201: The Final 65...

Here's Andy Katz's [ESPN] and he says Buffalo, St. Mary's, Iowa and Notre Dame are the last four in.

I don't agree...I think UAB and St. Joe's in...Notre Dame and Buffalo will go out.

Let's see.

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Three Things You Must Know...

Good Morning.

You say steroids works for everyone? Well I give you Jeremy Giambi [Seattle PI]...Ok ok, I also give you Mark McGwire [USA Today].

Michael Vick probably needs to find a new crew to roll with [Wash. Post]

And Bill Simmons has this zinger in his most recent mailbag: [Page 2] (One other note on Canseco: I thought he made up most of this stuff to sell the book; but after watching him on Bill Maher's show last week, I realized that Canseco isn't smart enough to think two moves ahead in a game of Connect Four, much less come up with a master plan to bring down baseball and make some cash in the process. All things considered, he could be the most memorably dumb athlete in sports history. He's just devious enough to be dangerous, but his stupidity makes it impossible for him not to consistently say and do the wrong things, only he has no idea that he's such a moron. Or maybe he does. It's almost like he's had some sort of head injury. Honestly, I'm fascinated by him. The fact that nobody has given him a reality show yet actually makes me angry – he's like a cross between Jessica Simpson, Carlo Rizzi and Tito Santana)

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