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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday GameNight

Rough Saturday for yours truly as I am sick as a dog and didn't even feel well enough to fool with MySpace until now.

Hurricane Gold: Although I was in an Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu induced coma, I was able to sorta catch most of the Conference-USA championship game and it was a very exciting first half before Tulsa took control. Poor Central Florida will have to settle for a holiday in Hawaii instead....Drats....

Meanwhile the Golden Hurricane go to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl....Hmmm New Year's in Memphis or Christmas in Hawaii...Yeah that's a tough choice...

Congrats to Texas: For making Colorado look worse than they did last week. I didn't think it was humanly possible.

Congrats to Vince Young: Second in the Heisman voting is nothing to be ashamed of.

Congrats to Colorado: For officially showing NO pride in getting outscored 100-6 in the last eight days. Did Gary Barnett already sign his contract extension? He didn't. Oops. Sure Florida State is playing like shit these days, but they aren't going to roll over like the Buffaloes did today. If Barnett goes to Missouri, I think he's going to need an offensive coordinator...I know of one!

Problem #1 With the Current System: The SEC is probably the best conference in the nation...Actually there's no probably about it. The SEC is so good that the team playing the best ball in the conference (Auburn) isn't even in the conference title game. Why doesn't the SEC champion have a little shot at a national title? It's ridiculous. Are you telling me that USC and Texas would run either LSU or Georgia out of the building? We really need a playoff, just eight teams, no more...

Super Saturday: This has been a fairly disappointing day for college football. The C-USA game was good, but really, who cares? Big XII game was a terrible blowout, USC-UCLA is a terrible blowout...Even the SEC game, which had the most potential, is being dominated by Georgia so far....And ESPN chooses Louisville-UConn for its 7:45 game over USF-West Virginia? Uggh..

Problem #2 With the Current System: On ESPN I can watch Oklahoma-Villanova in college basketball, it's a 5 vs. 4 game. In college football this game would rarely happen because the best teams (sans Texas and OSU this year) don't play hard non-conference games...But in college basketball it's part of the allure...Play each other now for fun and in five months we'll play for REAL. We really need a playoff, just eight teams, no more....

FSU So Far: Not too bad, nice opening drive to get a field goal and nice early defensive stand. Not so good ont he second drive because they blew great field position and Weatherford took his first hit of the game and subsequently misfired on his next pass.

Non-Televised Score: West Virginia 7, USF 3

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Here They Come to Save the Day...

...After ruining domestic-foreign relationships across the globe, allowing a major port to sink in a Cat 4 Hurricane and selling out American intelligence...Congress will now target its most dangerous test.

The BCS!

Not sure what could be the worse. The current BCS or the BCS after Congress is done investigating all the "problems" with it.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

ESPN Benches Irvin...

...for a week [Link]..

Seems fair considering he didn't tell them about his arrest...

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Chris Rix Sr. Layeth the Smack Down...

Ouch, and considering the way Bowden consistently defended his boy you'd think he'd be more grateful, but when you're losing everyone comes out spitting fire.

"My son was made a scapegoat for the offensive ineptitude," said Chris Rix Sr., the father of Florida State's much-maligned former quarterback. "Funny, but the many problems Chris was blamed for are still there now that he's gone.

"My son was never developed like he should have been. He was stuck in second gear his whole time there. Chris was recruited by Mark Richt to play quarterback at Florida State, but when Coach Richt left [to become the head coach at Georgia], we weren't playing for Florida State anymore. We were playing for the Bobby Bowden Friends and Family Network."

Read the rest of Bianchi's good column [Link].

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Irvin and Dre (feat. Snoop Dogg)...

Cheap Seats [Link] has an interesting post on Michael Irvin. He's in the right apartment complex and but he's knocking on the wrong door.

In his opinion, which is quite heavily supported in his type, it's the media (or liberal media) that has jumped on Irvin's back because he's a born-again Christian. It's certainly a fair arugment in many areas but not this one. I point to similar posts by Brian from Mgoblog [Link] who is neither liberal nor media-esque and this message board thread from Florida Varsity [Link] and I know those clowns are neither liberal nor media.

As a matter of fact it's the liberal media guys rushing to defend him (Tom Sorenson, Kevin Blackistone).

His problem is this:

For the record, I believe Irvin and it has nothing to do with his new found love for God, Jesus, etc. I believe him because he doesn't hide his past problems. He's always been up front about his problems and what he did and the hedonistic lifestyle he lived in the 80s and 90s. Christian or not I believe I can sense a fake a mile away and he seemed generally sadden that this has happened. I also hope he is trying to reform his friends and family. Yes Irvin should've trashed and destroyed the pipe, but he didn't and that was a mistake.

However, the reputation that comes with being part of the 'U' is like a scarlet letter. Because the 'U' used to be this "renegade" program that was universally hated and feared everyone assumes the worst from former Miami players...

Add that he's also a former Cowboy who was involved in that over-the-top lifestyle and you have the real root of the problem -- people don't believe that anyone can change. Michael Irvin can't change, Deion Sanders didn't change, Hollywood Henderson didn't change and Nate Newton will never change. It's easier to dismiss Irvin as a crackhead than to believe anything else.

I'm liberal, I'm a certified member of the media (complete with a Heisman vote) and I believe Irvin in spire of his past. But remember R.D., he's left us down before.

Moving on.

I must give a little love to Dre' Bly and to a lesser extent Jeff Garcia for defending their former coach, Steve Mariucci a day after he got fired. Bly possibly went too far with his criticism of Joey Harrington (although it needed to be said) and Garcia spelled it out perfectly.

"You start to question whether the organization has the people in place who can go about making the proper selections," Garcia told WXYT-AM, according to the paper. "You really have to question that."

Bottom line -- Matt Millen is the worst General Manager in the history of the NFL. Period.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Yes I'm Sour...

Yes, the Seminole nation is still having a hard time getting over this one. Maybe tomorrow.

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