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Friday, July 01, 2005

Blogpoll Discussion #2

Time to talk some football. If you need a breakdown of the questions, it's over at EDSBS.

Of course I'm representing Florida State, a.k.a., the school of God.

1. What's THE critical game of the season on the national scene? I think it will be USC hosting Fresno State on Nov. 13. It's a matchup the Trojans took after Pat Hill publicly goaded Pete Carroll over and over again. And to Carroll's credit he realizes the Pac-10 is still in rebuilding mode and wasn't afraid to add another tough non-conference game to his schedule. And why should he be? Did you see the team he's got? Nonetheless this game is sandwiched in between a trip to California and the season finale against UCLA. It seems like the best area for a roadblock because Fresno State loves playing the best and will have nothing to lose at this stage of the season.

2.What's the most critical matchup for your team? Well the Miami opener is huge, but traveling the Boston College on Sep. 17 will be the big game. It'll be the third FSU game in 12 days and the first road game for whoever the Seminoles young quarterback will be. The Golden Eagles are very difficult to beat in Chestnut Hill, always giving Miami a scare if not pulling the upset.

3. What's your wingnut upset prediction of year? I believe South Carolina, in its first season, will defeat Florida at home in mid-November. Steve Spurrier holds grudges like no tomorrow. And the fact that the Florida administration only asked him to return as a coach to get their boosters to shut up has to be insulting. Spurrier has taken several hits since leaving the Gators to coach the Washington Redskins. People criticized his coaching, the players he once coached and (most importantly) his offense. It's going to be payback time.

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Bad Winds are Blowing

Every now and then, De LeBatard of the Miami Herald will ignore his usual writing and completely bow down to the University of Miami's football players in a shameless form of defense. I consider it a tall order, but it's enjoyable to hear him try, especially in the wake of Sean Taylor's legal troubles.
Redskins safety Sean Taylor is a lunatic. Clinton Portis calls him the craziest Hurricane in program history -- quite a distinguished list, that one -- and Portis is hardly alone in nominating him. So the surprise isn't that Taylor faces three prison years for trying to solve his problems with gun waving. The surprise is that he never had a public incident of any kind under Coker's watch.

Kellen Winslow II did something stupid. Makes sense that the same things that help make him a good football player -- fearlessness, recklessness, insanity -- would seep into other parts of his personality and push him toward motorcycle stunts. But it was still stupid, and Stupidity was not Winslow's major at UM. Why does he get to be the poster child for UM post-graduate behavior more than, say, Ken Dorsey or Jonathan Vilma or Ed Reed or Vince Wilfork?

Now I'd be surprised if Winslow had any major at Miami. I'm sure it wasn't stupidity, but I doubt it was civil engineering either. He's got a bit of a point though. As a Jets fan I think Jonathan Vilma is the best thing that happened to the team since Bill Parcells. He should be a greater part of Miami's football lore. However, he is his own man and chose to stay in New York for the offseason rather than return to the 'U' for their workout sessions, which can occasionally leads to season-ending injuries (Santana Moss) or felony allegations (Sean Taylor).

The problem is that some of these knuckleheads haven't earned the right to go back to the 'U' for workouts. They aren't of Ray Lewis' caliber, Lewis is two-time NFL Defensive MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, the leader of his team. Sean Taylor was an underachieving rookie, Santana Moss has had one good season in five years, Jeremy Shockey has been terrible after his rookie season and Kellen Winslow his two games under his belt in two seasons.

And these headaches multiply when the organizations realize they have invested a lot of money in guys who really have no interest in leaving college.

Away from UM, Hurricanes are a Furious Storm [Miami Herald]

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

When Pitchers Attack....

Kenny Rogers threw a tantrum after losing a game, broke his hand and goes on the DL. So guess how he celebrates? By throwing another tantrum of course! This time the victims were the innocent members of the media, just trying to pick up a few shots of warm ups. What a jerk.

Rogers' Tirade Leaves Cameraman Hospitalized [Star-Telegram]
Rogers Describes Injury as Irresponsible [DMN]

Updated with injury photo.

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Noise From the Lincoln Tunnel?

No way this deal happens. From a Mets standpoint you'd be stupid to sacrifice your stud defensive outfielder and one of the best guys in the clubhouse for a guy that clearly doesn't want to be there.

And believe me, Sheffield does not want to be there since he had a press conference a bit ago whining about it.

However this is a nice piece of breaking news for the Post. And it's far more interesting than debating whether Channing Frye was a good pick.

'El Of a Deal [NYP]

Update: Sheffield showed considerable maturity in the press conference with this zinger: "I would go play for them. It doesn't mean I'm going to be happy playing there. And if I'm unhappy, you don't want me on your team. It's just that simple. I'll make that known to anyone."

Sheffield Warns 29 Other Teams [NYT]

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Beanie Man

A special congratulations goes out to Houston Astros slugger Craig Biggio for his tough-as-nails approach in the batters box. The AP story reads:
DENVER (AP) _ Craig Biggio was hit on the elbow by Colorado's Byung-Hyun Kim on Wednesday, breaking the modern record for being hit by a pitch.

Biggio was hit on the padding guarding his right elbow during the fourth inning of Houston's game against the Rockies, marking the 268th time he's been plunked, the post-1900 record. He tied Don Baylor's record in the fifth inning Tuesday night, when Colorado's Jason Jennings hit him in the lower back.

Biggio has been hit 12 times this year, his 10th time in double-digits in 12 seasons.

Well everyone's got to be remembered for something. This Bud's for you Biggio!.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Top 10: Draft Edition...

I'll do a regular one as well, but I want to focus on tomorrow's draft since I won't have time to do it tomorrow.

The top 10 is in no order, I'm not looking for a mock top 10 but rather the ten college names that interest me the most.

-- Sean May: I would say May goes somewhere between 12 and 20. He just doesn't give you enough to warrant a top 10 pick in a pretty decent draft. He's obviously going to be branded as a complimentary player until he gets on the floor. I like him going to the Nets at 15. He'll be able to fight for rebounds there and get easy buckets. He'll have to get in better shape because I expect the Nets to try and run with the Kidd-Carter-Jefferson trio.

-- Andrew Bogut: Well there's little doubt that Bogut will be the choice of the Bucks at the top slot. The Bucks' company line is that a good big man is hard to find, but who knows if Bogut is a good big man. Terry Porter probably lost his job because he was set against Bogut. This is going to be an interesting player and I don't believe he's going to get better so either he'll come out the gate strong or be a disappointment.

-- Chris Paul: Probably the next edition of Stephon Marbury. He'll score, he's dynamic, he's not necessarily the guy that makes the team better. Most of the teams looking to trade up into the top 5 are doing so for Deron Williams. So who'll trade up? Maybe Charlotte, Maybe Utah, Maybe Toronto.

-- Deron Williams: Here's one of two gems in the lottery. I think Paul will be a better offensive player than Williams but Williams makes stars...He did it with Bracey Wright in the preps, he did it with Luther Head and Dee Brown in college. Orlando and L.A. will be in a race to trade up to get this guy. He'd be a perfect fit in Orlando if they can trade Steve Francis.

-- Marvin Williams: The Superstar of the draft. He can play the 3 or the 4, he's the most athletic, he's the most dynamic, he's got the most upside. How will he fit in Atlanta, where future stars go to die?

-- Rashad McCants: Never has one guy's stock fallen so hard based on one moment. After the Tar Heels won the national title, McCants had the ultimate "look at me" moment by seperating himself from the celebration, pulling off his jersey and holding it in hopes of attracting the camera. In that instance he went from Top 15 to late first round. The Kings at 23 or the Pistons at 26 can take a flier on McCants.

-- Ike Diogu: Who likes Ike? I think Indiana, Boston or Memphis in that 17-19 block will like Ike. He's got a good shot, he can enter the league as an offensive-minded sixth man.

-- Joey Graham: I think Graham will have either the Spurs or the Heat trade up a few spots to take him in the low 20s. I've been following Joey since his junior year at Brandon High school, he was a good shooter with good baby fat. After a waste of time at UCF, he and his brother transferred to Oklahoma St. and hit the weights. Joey is a strong 6'7 kid with accelerated shooting skills and the potential to be a major contributor for a long time. The type of pick that makes good teams very good.

-- David Lee: Whoever doesn't get Graham will take Lee. Not a great ball handler, but he's 6'9 with good jumping skills, he played out of position for four years at Florida and now he will have the opportunity to develop at the 4 position.

-- Charlie Villanueva: Surprisingly his stock has fallen, but I expect this 7-footer with the soft touch to still go at the end of the lottery to someone. Minnesota maybe? Villanueva has a lot of holes but he's got a lot of positives. He just needs the type of seasoning that the league will provide.

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