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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bounce Right to Left...

...and let your shoulder lean....
Hmmm...this isn't a week with a lot of gimmes so we have to manufacture a winner.

UCF at USF (-10): I'm always concerned about rivalry games but the funny thing about this game is that according to USF coach Jim Leavitt, it isn't a rivalry. Oh yeah and UCF gave up 52 points to East Carolina. They aren't as good as Texas made them look...especially since Texas isn't good either.

Alabama at Ole Miss (+6.5): Do I see Satan!

I see an Alabama team very overvauled against an Ole Miss squad that should be tough at the grove. Enjoy this SEC battle and reminisce about the days before Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.


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Friday, October 12, 2007

What are you lookin' at fool?

Ice is softer than church music so far this year. Batting .500 won't put you in the poor house but it certainly doesn't represent the skills to pay the bills. That ends now.

Can you feel the intensity of an Ohio Ice stare down?

Ohio Ice "Ice Pick" of the week
Ice in all his mediocrity has been knocking the bottom out of the Big 10 matchups. After all, its Ohio Ice....he grew up in Big 10 country. That means two things...he knows football and rugged women. There isn't a less attractive group of ladies than the Iowa Hawkeye faithful. They're good people though...and they know something you don't, two things actually: 1) skinny legged women ain't got no soul and 2) Iowa is getting 3 points at home tomorrow night. Iowa only does one thing right on the field; "Stop the Run". Illinois only does one thing: "run the ball". Everyone loves the Illini right now but all their wins have been at home. Iowa +3

Meat Locker

If you were smart you wouldn't look here because Ice has been downright pathetic in the meatlocker. But you're not smart. Thats why you come here in the first place. So here goes:

Georgia -7 @ Vandy: You think you're smart. You think you're an insider now. Guess what genius...Vandy at home seems like a smart pick till you realize that UGA is one of the NCAA bullies (see also: Wisconsin and Boston College). They beat the teams they are supposed to beat. They always take care of business against the in conference bottom feeders. If Mark Richt could win a few big games he might not be looking for a new job next year.
Louisville +10 @ Cincinnati: Louisville sucks. They can't even beat Syracuse at home. They are over rated. Last time I checked they have a heisman caliber QB and an offense that can put up points at will. Granted their defense looks like an old pair of Ohio Ice tighty whiteys, but for the first time in a long time the 'Ville doesn't have to beat the number.

The game you haven't looked at:
Along with Big 10 matchups, if you're looking for Ohio Ice values, this has been the place to be. Ice is going to stop looking down south or out west and focus on the good old Buckeye state. Bowling Green +1 @ Miami (of Ohio Ice). Trust the Ice Man he knows more about Ohio football and internet porn than you. BG has a solid Offense and Miami's defense is the 2nd worst D in Cincinnati after the Bengals. That's all you need to know.

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