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Monday, April 25, 2005

Draft Fallout

Hopefully I'll have a second part...This is just a mixmatch of stuff.

Why Wasn't This QB Drafted?

Brock Berlin: Well he's short, chubby and lacks the necessary armstrength. Believe me if he had an OUNCE of talent, Miami would've won another national title. He's also only comfortable in a shotgun, 4-5 wide set. One of those most overrated prep QB prospects EVER.

Timmy Chang: System quarterback. A little short and he seemed to be tiring out in his final season which makes me think his best football is behind him. I thought the Rams could've made good use out of him late though.

Jason White: Two knee surgeries, marginal arm, marginal speed. While NFL teams draft guys for depth they don't draft QBs who at their complete best will be nothing more than backups (for the most part), they want someone who under the worst situation can start and be capable.

Chris Rix: It would've taken Rix two more years to be a good college quarterback, so this guy was a 6-year NFL project. Also his combine times prove his speed was overrated and he's a mental midget at reading defenses.

Gino Guidilgi: No clue other than maybe the character issue, but every college player gets into a fight at a frat party. He's 6'4, 230 and he had a great senior season. Certainly worth a compensatory risk.

Drafts I liked

Lions: Drafted best player on board, I always like this approach. Got good value at almost every round. Mike Williams, Shaun Cody, Stanley Wilson and Dan Orlosky all have a chance to be quality pros in the next few years.

Cowboys: I wonder what they were building for? Demarcus Ware (Hybrid DE/LB), Marcus Spears (Hybrid DE/DT), Kevin Burnett (Pass-rushing LB), Chris Canty (Natural DE)...Someone's going to the 3-4.

Eagles: In a draft that's low on blue-chippers and high on potential it's great to have a lower pick because the Eagles still got value through the fourth round. Ryan Moats will have a chance to compete as a backup to Brian Westbrook. Mike Patterson and Reggie Brown will contribute immediate and Sean Considine will jump in on special teams right away.

Texans: With just six picks the Texans were able to: upgrade on the aging defensive line (Travis Johnson), depth at running back (Vernand Morency) and gave David Carr a legitimate weapon (Jerome Mathis).

Cardinals: Antrel Rolle was my highest rated defensive player. J.J. Arrington is the perfect back for the West Coast offense. Value into the fifth round where they grabbed Lance Mitchell. No surprise if this team seriously competes for the NFC West.

Drafts I Hated

Broncos: Full of reaches. Three cornerbacks? Maurice Clarett two rounds too early? No clue what the Broncos are going for. The Broncos spent their offseason taking Cleveland's old draft trash and compounded that with their own draft trash.

Bills: Didn't trade Travis Henry, didn't get anymore protection for JP Losman. Headed to a 4-6 win season.

Seahawks: C'mon Brems? This draft was everywhere. Spencer is an ok pick, he's going to be a good line prospect. Tatupu was a reach in the second round. Not much to improve the line, no additional secondary help. Not sure where the Seahawks were going with this one.

Top 10 in Five Words Or Less

1) Alex Smith (49ers): A poor-man's Troy Aikman.

2) Ronnie Brown (Dolphins): Will make A.J. Feeley's life easier.

3) Braylon Edwards (Browns): Best Dressed, Best Player.

4) Cedric Benson (Bears): No different than Curtis Enis

5) Cadillac Williams (Buccaneers): Perfect for Gruden's system

6) Adam "Pacman" Jones (Titans): Better playmaker than cornerback

7) Troy Williamson (Vikings): Won't make fans forget Moss

8) Antrel Rolle (Cardinals): Best defensive player available

9) Carlos Rogers (Redskins): Nothing fancy, just a winner

10) Mike Williams (Lions): The next big thing

Five Best Players Not Drafted

Brandon Browner, CB/S, Oregon State
Gino Guidilgi, QB, Cincinnati
Michael Munoz, OT, Tennessee
Steve Suter, All-Purpose, Maryland
Albert Means, DT, Memphia

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