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Thursday, April 26, 2007

NFL Mock Draft (Completion of Second Round)

50) Tennessee, Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee -- Staying with the RM Top philosophy, the Titans get a CB who can start right away. Dem' Tennessee folks are lovin' their draft.

51) N.Y. Giants, RB, Lorenzo Booker, Florida State -- Boy oh boy was Big Blue praying for this reincarnation of Dave Meggett. They got their man. But now, what does this make of Sinorice Moss? Although they are different positions, they both can play similar roles in the screen pass dept. Ought to be interesting.

52) St. Louis, Tanard Jackson, CB, Syracuse -- In the NFC West it's always a good idea to have depth at the secondary position if you can afford it. Jackson can step in and be a quality nickel back.

53) Dallas, Aaron Sears, OT, Tennessee -- Another nice value pick with a player like Sears who can get a year or two of seasoning before possibly being relied upon as a starter.

54) Kansas City, Jason Hill, WR, Washington State -- The Chiefs needs some quality receivers to compliment Tony Gonzalez and Hill will have every opportunity to be one of those guys.

55) Seattle, Sabby Piscitelli, S, Oregon St -- Boulware has disappointed. Seattle gets a decent value for their first pick of the draft.

56) Denver, Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno St -- Alongside the wizardry of Bailey and the addition of Dre Bly, the Broncos add some needed depth.

57) Philadelphia, David Harris, LB, Michigan -- This FO has been top in the 5 consistently for the past decade when it comes to the draft. A pick like this just solidifies that statement. Potential late 1 st Rd talent here.

58) New Orleans, Daymeion Hughes, CB, California -- The Saints need to address a shaky pass defense and Hughes is the best cornerback available at the position.

59) N.Y. Jets, Eric Weddle, S, Utah -- This is a great pick for the Jets management as he has everything that coach Mangini wants -- high character, intensity and a love of the game.

60) Miami, Paul Soliai, DT, Utah -- Big guy and a natural interior run stuffer for the Dolphins.

61) Baltimore, Brandon Jackson, RB, Nebraska --See ya Musa Smith. Could be a nice surprise in relieving McGahee as the season progresses.

62) San Diego, Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Ohio State -- Could start right away with the average receiving corp the Chargers currently have.

63) N.Y. Jets, David Clowney, WR, Virginia Tech -- Another high-character guy who will step in with a strong work ethic.

64) Tampa Bay, Brandon Siler, LB, Florida -- As the Bucs look at life without Shelton Quarles and eventually Derrick Brooks, they will try to find younger solutions.


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NFL Mock Draft (Second Round, Picks 33-49)

33) Oakland, Steve Smith, WR, USC -- If the Raiders take Calvin Johnson in the first round then they will look at quarterback Trent Edwards here. This is another step in fixing the league's worst offense.

34) Detroit, Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas
-- The Lions are definitely looking to rebuild their secondary and will also consider Edwards with this pick as their quarterback of the future.

35) Tampa Bay, Tank Tyler, DT, N.C. State -- With Smith off the board the Bucs decide to use the pick on defense and get some new bodies on the line to replace the aging or departed ones.

36) Cleveland, Antonio Pittman, RB, Ohio St -- This is what Cleveland wanted, with Droughns gone to the Big Apple and the veteran Lewis in as the starter from B-More, the Browns go for the hometown boy who can add a tasty flavor to the rush attack.

37) Chicago, Tony Hunt, RB, Penn St -- Exit Thomas Jones, enter ball control, north/south runner Tony Hunt.

38) Arizona, Justin Blaylock, OT, Texas -- It's time to turn over a new leaf. Arizona's OL for over a decade has been as good as Tampa Bay Devil Rays during the "TB Hit Show" days. Not a stretch by any means.

39) Atlanta, Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia -- How many Charles Johnsons has there been in the league? There's at least three others I can think of. Atlanta needs to bolster its defensive line and will do so with this pick.

40) Miami, Trent Edwards, QB, Stanford -- Miami wasn't able to land Brady Quinn in the first round so they go with their second option and hope he can develop under Cam Cameron.

41) Minnesota, Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee -- Harrell has recovered from injury and could be a second-round steal to the team that takes him.

42) San Francisco, Sydney Rice, WR, South Carolina -- Another "Rice" adorns the 49er colors. This could be a psychological deterrent or a motivator for the young stud. Red and Gold needs a run stopper who can engage at the point of attack – Ray McDonald is not that kind of DT. So, you go with your next best need.

43) Buffalo, Buster Davis, LB, Florida St -- The Buffalo fans are going wild over this pick. Here's a new motor who can be a legitimate heir to Takeo Spikes.

44) Atlanta, Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn -- You know the folks in Dacula, GA are happy that their hometown hero is playing in the ATL. This pick is called the "Warrick Dunn Insurance Policy."

45) Carolina, Zach Miller, TE, Arizona St. -- With Olsen off the board, Miller is the only other tight end with 1st day potential. This is a pick that fills a major void.

46) Pittsburgh, LaMarr Woodley, OLB, Michigan -- Another pick that fills a major void as the Steelers have to address their outside linebacker position in the first day.

47) Green Bay, Brian Leonard, FB/RB, Rutgers -- The Packers continue to retool their offense and grab a perfect combination big back that will fit in to the West coast system. Leonard can run, catch and block with the best of them.

48) Jacksonville, Ray McDonald, DT, Florida -- Sweet satisfaction. The Jags FO has silently wanted this man all along to add a dimension of speed and athleticism to the interior D-Line.

49) Cincinnati, James Marten, OT, Boston College -- BC always churns out solid O-Linemen. This one is no exception, all 6'8" of him.


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NFL Mock Draft (Completion of First Round)

21) Denver, Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska -- Great value pick for the Broncos and a perfect choice for the 3-4 alignment they are trying as he is a 300-pounder who can provide a strong presence against the pass or the run from the defensive end position. Denver is very happy this guy slipped into their hands.

22) Dallas, Aaron Ross, CB, Texas -- The Cowboys hit the jackpot as they are in a position to take the best player available, but they get the best cornerback, return specialist and a hometown product all in one. They could go with an offensive tackle or a wide receiver, but Ross gives them greater flexibility in the end.

23) Chiefs, Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn -- Boring pick that could pay relatively quick dividends to the interior running game. LJ needs more holes. More holes, more running. More running, more time of possession. KC is a running team (take a look at their receiving corp).

24) New England, Jon Beason, LB, Miami -- Scott Pioli always drafts smart. No matter where NE is on the draft board, they get a solid pick. Drafted mainly to bring youth and athleticism to an aging LB corp (Bruschi/Vrabel), this one could be one of a handful of steals.

25) New York Jets, Jarvis Moss, DE/OLB, Florida -- Perfect player for the 3-4 look and is athletic enough to also find a position when the Jets go into their four-man front. The Jets could go with the suddenly slipping Dwayne Bowe or Greg Olsen here because they have options, but they also have needs and Moss is the highest-rated player on their board.

26) Philadelphia Eagles, Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU -- Much like the Cowboys, the Eagles can go one of several different directions because they are building depth. Bringing in Bowe gives them an immediate replacement for Donte Stallworth and over time Bowe should develop into a No. 1 or strong No. 2 pass catcher.

27) New Orleans, Greg Olsen, TE, Miami -- This was a tough choice considering Michael Griffin is still on board. But damn, getting this guy in the offensive attack alongside Bush and Co. can only appreciate this offensive attack. 49ers, Bucs, and Falcons better draft more defense.

28) New England, Michael Griffin, S, Texas -- Enter New England, gutting the innards of any team in desperate need of this players magnitude. Getting Beason and Griffin is one helluva defensive combo in less than an hour.

29) Baltimore, Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB, Purdue -- Much like a few other lucky teams, Baltimore is drafting for depth over needs and they will draft the highest guy on their board, which in this case is the skyrocketing Spencer out of Purdue.

30) San Diego, Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami -- Love this pick for the Chargers as they fill a need with a three-year starter from Miami who can step in an quickly contribute. The Chargers were the best team in football last year and need someone that can come in with a winning attitude.

31) Chicago, Leon Hall, CB, Michigan -- At this juncture, the Bears take the best available player on the board. Offers immediate depth to an already sound secondary, and can possibly be molded into a safety.

32) Indianapolis, Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan -- The name of the game is protecting the All-Universe Peyton Manning. This big guy falls right into their laps. OG is of more need, but he is a much higher rated Olineman than any other left on the board.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NFL Mock Draft (Picks 11-20)

11) San Francisco, Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson -- Bryant Young is 56 yrs old. Coach Nolan is not going to let this young and voracious cat out of his hands. The 49ers have a capable offense. The 49ers have an incapable defense. You do the math.

12) Buffalo, Marshawn Lynch, RB, California -- Nate Clements hit the open market and was out quickly to another side. So, this is where is replacement comes in right? Wrong. When Anthony Thomas is your starting RB (after the departure of McGahee), than it's time to think about the immediate future. Good value for Buffalo here.

13) St. Louis, Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas -- Gotta love this pick here as the Rams finally get a strong pass rusher they were not able to fight when Grant Wistrom signed with Seattle a couple of years ago. Anderson can quickly come in and be a situational pass rusher while developing into a starter on the blind side.

14) Carolina Panthers, Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss -- Panthers need a linebacker and the best prospect in the board slips into their paws at the 14th slot. Good value pick that addresses a serious need on their aging defense.

15) Pittsburgh, Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh -- The red carpet is layed down from the Pitt campus to the Pittsburgh Steelers. A desperate concern has been filled for the new ball coach, Mike Tomlin.

16) Green Bay, Ted Ginn Jr, WR, Ohio State -- If Favre stays, Favre needs more weapons. Ginn Jr is raw, but has world class speed that can immediately help the Packers vertical game.

17) Jacksonville, Reggie Nelson, S, Florida -- Probably a few slots too high but the Jaguars know that Reggie Nelson will sell additional tickets and after seeing how Bob Sanders changed the face of the Indianapolis defense, they will gladly draft a taller version of Sanders. Nelson is the total package as a safety, a run stopper, strong in coverage and a monster hitter.

18) Cincinnati, Lawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida State -- The Bengals will take defense but their top choice (Revis) dropped off the board. This is a good alternative as Timmons provides some much needed speed and ability at the linebacking corps and he comes into the league with a clean rap sheet. Another possible pick would be the Nebraska DE, Adam Carriker.

19) Tennesse, Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee -- Just like Pittsburgh got their man, Tennessee's gets theirs. A tough choice between Meachem and Bowe, but the Rocky Mountain Top Orange figures to be a better business choice.

20) New York Giants, Paul Posluszny, LB, PSU -- This draft spot can be a unique one for the Giants and new GM Jerry Reese. There can be no replacement for Barber in the 1 st round, as B Jacobs and R Droughns are better than most on the boards. Let's face it, the LB dept has not lit a match to the late 80's resources. This is basically what the Giants need: an instinctive LB who is like a younger and faster Carlos Emmons.


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NFL Mock Draft (Picks 1-10)

1) Raiders, Jamarcus Russell, QB, LSU -- With their entire draft board still available, the Raiders somehow manage to get the guy they wanted at this position. Russell has a big arm and strong upside. Think Byron Leftwich with more mobility and less tears . (less tears…lol)

2) Detroit, Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech -- Common logic says the Lions need defense and will trade down from this pick. However the product on the field says the Lions' No. 2 receiver is Mike Furrey. Forget the past, take Johnson, he's very very good. (Mike Furrey…lol)

3) Cleveland, Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin – This is where Cleveland usually blows it with some high profile offensive juggernaut (a-la Winslow Jr and Braylon Edwards), ey? This is where they need to draft a high profile QB such as Brady Quinn, right? Wrong. It's a boring 3 rd overall, but the Browns need to go back to the Dawg Pound status and reel in a bookend that can solidify the trenches.

4) Tampa Bay , Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame – Ok, let's face it, Chris Simms is a multi-talented QB who had his fair share of downs. Wanna know why? Sure. It's because he sucks. Getting Jeff Garcia as a backup was a great off-season acquisition. Now Jeff can play at TB until he is 40 and then Brady can take over. Gradkowski got some valuable experience by luck, now it's time to hold the clipboard at the 3 rd slot unless he can be traded. Shocking pick, but TB is tired of low profile QB's. This is no longer the house that Dungy built.

5) Arizona Cardinals, Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma -- If there was ever time for a trade this is it, not only does Arizona hold a lot of chips at this crucial position, they also are a much-improved team that should not have a laundry list of needs (like they do every other draft). However, if the Cardinals stick at five (and let me be clear, they shouldn't), taking Peterson fills one of the Cardinals' biggest needs -- finding someone to replace Edgerrin James' worn down ass. Even though Peterson has already got a little tread on that body he'll be coming into an offense that he won't have to give the lion's share of carries so it should be a good situation.

6) Washington Redskins, Laron Landry, S, LSU -- The Redskins will strongly consider Louisville defensive tackle prodigy Amobi Okoye here but he recent revelation that he took weed forces them to go with a safer and equally effective pick in Landry. With this pick the Redskins could possibly have the best safety tandem in the league by 2009 as long as Sean Taylor doesn't go bankrupt due to ll the fines he receives in a normal season for cheap shots.

7) Minnesota, Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC -- Minnesota could trade up with TB here to get their QB, but, they are going to stick with a position of which has, quite frankly, tanked in production in 2006. Jarrett can be a fine complement to the other enigma, Williamson. Tarvaris Jackson is going to have to provide some efficient gunnery in order to prove this picks worth.

8) Atlanta, Levi Brown, OT, PSU -- Michael Vick is staying in Atlanta. With so many talented offensive ball handlers on the board, the truth is: One must protect one's investment.

9) Miami Dolphins, Alan Branch, DT, Michigan -- The slide of Louisville's prodigy Okoye continues as Branch becomes the first DT taken off the board. Obviously the Dolphins, who were burned by the drug problems of Ricky Williams aren't willing to take a similar chance with a high draft choice and go the safe route.

10) Houston Texans, Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville -- Second year in a row the Texans spend a first-round pick on the defensive line but this guy is great value after a small, unexpected drop due to his admission of smoking marijuana. Okoye, a prodigy at the age of 19, should pair with "Speed Racer" Mario Williams to make an imposing front four.


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Mock Draft Time...

...It's baseball season, NBA Playoffs season and NFL Draft Time so I make my annual mid-April return to sports blogging. Maybe I'll stick around this time.

This year Cesar is back in the mix as we are alternating every two picks in the first round and every three picks in the second round. The goal is to complete the second round by the end of Thursday.

Wish us luck and Go Mets!


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