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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Preseason Blogpoll Top 25

Pretty pedestrian...

1. Southern Cal
2. Louisiana State
3. Louisville
4. Michigan
5. Ohio State
6. Texas
7. Oklahoma
8. Tennessee
9. Virginia Tech
10. Miami (Florida)
11. Georgia
12. Iowa
13. Florida State
14. Florida
15. Cal
16. Alabama
17. North Carolina State
18. Texas A&M
19. Auburn
20. Fresno State
21. Boise State
22. Pittsburgh
23. Virginia
24. Nebraska
25. Arizona State

Discussion? Complaints?

Posted by TPrincess 3:11 PM ||
The Right Way to Deal With T.O.

Today is the day. It's now or never for the Eagles and enigmatic wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Personally I thought last week's blowup was just what everyone needed to open the lines of communication and get through this.

Right away both sides have to admit their faults. Terrell Owens has acted like a fool, he's made some unfortunate statements in public concerning the organization and Donovan McNabb. He has to apologize for the things he's said about McNabb. It's one thing to blast the organization, but it's another thing to pinpoint McNabb. He didn't deserve this attack.

The Eagles have to quit being boosted up my the taking heads at ESPN and in the media. They are not an organization to be trusted. They are consistent with dumping veterans in their 30s before paying them the money they earned (Bobby Taylor, Troy Vincent, Jeremiah Trotter, etc.). This organization does not do right by the players that show loyalty.

And this is different. It's safe to say the Eagles are the best team in the NFC, but not without the services of Owens. If you look at McNabb's numbers, it's no secret that he set career highs last year thanks to the inclusion of a #1 receiver. The Eagles may have a nice, young receiving corps, but none of those guys will give you the clutch performances that T.O. can.

So in today's meeting it's simple. Andy Reid has to meet with T.O. (and his people) first. The message is simple: "There are two options after this meeting, either you rejoin the team or you sit and we think of what to do next. The goal of this meeting is for you to rejoin the team. In order for you to do that we need to have you present during the meetings, present during the team functions, etc."

And now the concession. Reid has to tell T.O. that if he can get assurances in good faith that Owens will be present and part of the team, he will help T.O. get some of his money. Not all and definitely not the crazy contract he's allegedly asked for him, but enough of his money that he should be somewhat happy. And also assure him that he'll get his roster bonus.

And finally the meeting. Bring in Donovan McNabb and Jeremiah Trotter. Trotter is, by the way, the only person that speaks to Owens on the team. Somehow Owens and McNabb have to "hug this out". I don't know what needs to be said and it'll be an act of god to get anyone to say an actual "I'm sorry" but they need to at least admit they made mistakes by bringing all this out in public.

Do that and the Eagles are odds-on favorite to win the NFC again. If things go bad, I'll talk about the Eagles options for a trade that could help them now.

Posted by TPrincess 7:11 AM ||