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Friday, April 14, 2006

Mock Draft: Day Two

You miss Day One? You suck!

Back for more on Day 2 of the Mock Draft.

LenDale White meet 'the second round', you two should get acquainted as soon as possible.
No movement yet, but the first round has just begun.

6. San Francisco - A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State

Strengths: Sideline-to-sideline tackler with great range; Team leader and much smarter than most Ohio State linebackers (Andy Katzenmoyer anyone?); had a Leif Garrett mullet going during the season.

Weaknesses: A lot slower than you might think, especially on the blitz; girlfriend could be a camera hound (HEY IT'S BRADY QUINN'S SISTER!!!!)

Why This Pick: The Niners need a lot of everything and Hawk is a good start. He's ready to play and will give them some stability at that spot.

7. Oakland - Michael Huff, DB, Texas

Strength: A big defensive back prospect that can play either safety or cornerback; A playmaker who is also a tackling machine.

Weaknesses: Well he can play either safety or corner and it's hard to know which one he will excel at; He could get stronger.

Why This Pick: This is a surprise, most had Oakland taking a quarterback, which they eventually will, but this team needs an Extreme Makeover: Defense.

We've got a trade!

Buffalo trades the 8th pick overall to Baltimore (crowd starts riot) for the 13th pick overall.
The other details of the trade momentarily

8. Baltimore - Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt (Crowd starts another riot and a "Fuck You Boller" chant)

Strengths: A gamer, actually made Vanderbilt games worth watching even if someone didn't have money on them; Great leadership ability.

Weaknesses: Well he didn't win much in college and usually he took a beating in the process; mechanically unsound; looks like Joey from "Who the Boss".

Why This Pick: Have you seen Kyle Boller play?

Other details of the trade. Baltimore gives up its fourth round selection (111th overall) and receivers Buffalo's fifth round selection (143rd overall)

9. Detroit - Crad Greenway, LB, Iowa

Strengths: Smart player who was well coached under Kirk Ferentz at Iowa; Natural leader and a rangy tackler; grew up on a hog farm.

Weaknesses: Maybe a little too amped up at time; will grow to hate Detroit; needs strong supporting cast to shine.

Why This Pick: Rod Marinelli loves him some defense and he's going to rebuild that side of the ball one brick at a tile.

10. Arizona - Winston Justice, OT, USC

Strengths: Name is Winston Justice; part of a line that destroyed competition for the last three years; A multi-tool lineman, has the size and speed you want.

Weaknesses: Still quite raw; Was suspended in 2004 for some character issues; will have tough time getting a date without Matt Leinart.

Why This Pick: The Cardinals could use more defense, but they need to keep Kurt Warner upright first.

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