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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mock Draft: Day One

There's no doubt that Draft Preview 2006 is going the be the greatest draft preview since 2005.
What I am doing this year is looking at the Draft in blocks of five picks and doing a little more analysis on them than last year.

The first five picks belong to the Texans, Saints, Titans, Jets and Packers. The popular opinion is that the Saints hold the key to the first round because they could go one of several directions. It would appear that the Jets or possibly the Raiders would be the most interested in the second slot.

However in my draft there is no early movement. The Jets, with a new GM and new coach, is growing a philosophy that "more is better" and with seven of the first 117 selections they can fill several holes with quality talent.

So without further adieu, he is Day 1 of the Mock Draft.

1) Texans - Reggie Bush, RB, USC

Strengths: Possibly the most exciting running back to come out of college since Barry Sanders; Seems to have better character than O.J.; Almost unstoppable in NCAA 2006.

Weaknesses: At 6', 202 pounds he's a little small. Leaving L.A. for Houston is bound to make him a little depressed.

Why This Pick: The Texans have a dozen holes to fill, but you can never have enough playmakers. Bush is a home run hitter and home run hitters put asses in the seats.

2) Saints - D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia

Strengths: He's a left tackle you can build a line around; His name is D'Brickashaw; He might have the best footwork of any tackle prospect EVER (including Orlando Pace or Tony Boselli); Very heady and smart.

Weaknesses: Maybe a little too methodical and passive; 305 pounds might be a little on the small side.

Why This Pick: New Orleans has a strong offense already and Sean Payton knows what a strong lineman can do to boost the quality of the unit and the team.

3) Titans - Vince Young, QB, Texas

Strengths: At 6'5, 240 he's a huge prospect at the position; Has possibly the greatest big-game performance in college football history; Great character, he actually cared that he didn't win the Heisman and turned it into a national title.

Weaknesses: Throws like a bitch; After doing the interview and banquet circuits he might be a little out of shape; Underdeveloped, probably needs two years of seasoning.

Why This Pick: It would seem odd that Norm Chow wouldn't convince the Titans brass to pick Matt Leinart here, but this pick makes sense because Chow has so much more upside to work with and the time to do it. With Billy Volek set to play next year (if Steve McNair doesn't come back) there isn't a big rush.

4) N.Y. Jets - Matt Leinart, QB, USC

Strengths: Only lost two games in his career; Possibly one of the ten coolest guys on earth (seriously who WOULDN'T hang out with this guy knowing the amount of trim that flocks to him); Mechanically sound decision maker who can play immediately; Is friends with Alyssa Milano.

Weaknesses: Not much in the way or arm strength or mobility; Is friends with Paris Hilton; Is friends with Nick Lachey; New York tabloid media will mess up his game.

Why This Pick: The Jets find a quarterback that will not melt under the microscope that is New York. Leinart might not have to play this year, but he becomes their QB of the future.

5) Green Bay - Mario Williams, DE, N.C. State

Strengths: Maybe the scariest defensive player in the draft; At 6'7 and 295 pounds the fact that he hasn't fully developed yet is almost frightening; Speed makes Julius Peppers look slow; Will crush Brett Favre if Favre pulls the same shit on him that he pulled on Javon Walker

Weaknesses: Lazy as hell, everything he has accomplised to this point is on raw talent; Still needs to understand what he has to do at his position.

Why This Pick: Well Green Bay could pick anyone short of a punter and not go wrong. Williams may eventually become a 3-spot defensive tackle.

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