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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gut Check Saturday Leans

I'm not avoiding any of the big games today, as a matter of fact, I'm taking them on straight up because I don't give a damn.

Texas (+13) vs. Oklahoma: This is all about the hunch. I think the Sooners will win but I think it will be close because, in the words of the fine caucasian poet Everlast, Texas isn't going to go out like some punk bitch. Maybe not a "Hook 'Em" but a "Hang Close Wit' Em'.

Florida at LSU (-7): I'm scared of LSU. I mean seriously, I'm scared of those big mofos on that team. If I saw Glenn Dorsey coming my way I'm going to shit my pants, seriously. I'm deathly afraid of these cats. Tim Tebow seems like a good kid, I hope he's insured, because if he isn't, it's bad news. I mean real bad news.

Cincinnati at Rutgers (-3.5): One thing that helps a team coming off of a disappointing loss is facing a team that will get them focused quickly. The best way for the Scarlet Knights to move back up the top 25 is to punk out these upstarts from the Queen city.


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