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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ohio Ice at Room Temperature

Ice went 2-2 last Saturday. Nothing to be proud of. This week brings another week of boring matchups and non rivalry games. Good thing ICE laid off the W.Virginia game last night or he would be downright thawed out this morning.

" The Ice Pick" Pick of the week (0-1 ATS):
Illinois +3 at home vs. Penn St. Zook's making a run at it in Champaign, he hopes to make Gator nation take back all the bad things they said about him. Juice Williams and Co. are going to be a thorn in the overrated Nittany Lions sides all day long. Illinois 19 Penn St. 16

More goods for your meat locker (1-1 ATS):
Purdue -21.5 at home vs. Notre Dame. Purdue will score in bunches. Notre Dame wont be able to answer. Purdue by plenty.

Florida -17.5 at home vs. Auburn. Harvin is hurt, Caldwell is hurt, Ice hates the Gators more than any team other than Michigan and Notre Dame. Doesn't matter, Florida rolls and rednecks all over Florida that don't even know how to find Gainesville on a map (unless they used to do some fishin and huntin in the area) rejoice by drinking cheap beer and abusing their wives. Go wash your pickup trucks with a garden hose Gator fans.

The game you haven't looked at yet (1-0 ATS):
BYU -4 @ New Mexico - BYU can move the ball any which way they want...through the air or on the ground. New Mexico's got a good defense but Ice says it ain't that good.

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