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Friday, September 21, 2007

The ICE PICK and some more goods to put in the Meat Locker

Ohio Ice took it on the chin on his first game back in the spotlight. A&M got backdoored by Miami on the first drive of the game. Ice got robbed. The game was closer than it looked...not really. Ice just flat out picked the wrong team.

ICE PICK of the week
Arkansas -7
(Sorry to my man Kentucky)
Coming off the big win over Louisville the UK Wildcats will have to reload fast. There isnt going to be a person in the stadium tomorrow that can stop McFadden and the Arkansas offense. Kentucky will put up the points but they wont be able to slow down that Arkansas offense. 42-31 is the Ice's prediction....Ohio Ice only makes score predictions for the ICE PICK...because he doesnt want to look bad.

Meat Locker
(Stuff some of these in your meat locker where you keep all your winners
Purdue -13.5 @ Minny
Minny is worse than most 1-AA teams which means they still have a chance to beat Michigan
Notre Dame +11 at home vs. Michigan St.
It takes balls to take the team that hasnt scored a touchdown yet. This is Michigan St. on the road, in a big game. No way you give them this many points.

And finally my game you probably havent looked at special
UNLV +7.5 at home vs. Utah
Admit it, this is the game you always lose....late night, Utah just crushed UCLA, you dont know anything about both teams, your chasing a late win, you always pick the obvious team. Ohio Ice cant let you do that.

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