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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Run Down

Needed a short vacation.

Down in the Minor-Leagues: A solid Page 2 story today gave a nice overview of Mike Coolbaugh, the minor-league baseball coach who died after being struck by a ball in the neck. Coolbaugh had just taken the job in Tulsa three weeks earlier and already had a great effect on the club through his personality and excitement. A sad story to say the least. []

Good Luck NAACP: The organization actually wants the public to restrain from convicting Mike Vick until his actual trial date. Fat chance considering the NFL has already removed his gear and his former homeboy is ready to sing like a canary. All the while Vick is thanking his remaining fans on the radio as that number falls faster than Niagara. [AP]

Celtics Could Become Relevant: Apparent those "Garnett to Boston" trade talks are back on after Garnett has softened on his stance to never play in Boston.

Garnett to Celtics DONE: So says the Associated Press.

To QB or Not QB: ESPN's Pat Forde delves into how tough he job of quarterback is and why those who dare to do it deserve the blame and/or praise. []

RIP Bill Walsh: A sad way to end this post as the man who is at least partially responsible for the way we watch and enjoy football today has died at 75 after a battle with a leukemia. [LA Times]


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