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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Run Down....

....Trying to hit a little more each day as I get back into my blogging ways.

Miami Goes Nameless: Either Randy Shannon is trying to emphasize a team-first attitude or he's doesn't want any document evidence of his anticipated .500 season. Shannon's original plan of stripping off the numbers to the jerseys was not accepted. The day wasn't a total lost for Shannon, however, as his "no firearms" policy was approved by a 3-2 board vote. [Miami Herald]

Scoop & Stern Agree: Stern says that referee Tim Donaghy committed an isolated, rogue act and Scoop Jackson says that Donaghy's addiction should be the focus because there's NO WAY the mob ties or points shaving can be tied to sports. NEVER. [Page Deux]

When 100 Is Not a Good Number: If your team is on this list, you hate college football season. [The Bottom 20 19]

AJC Writer Tells Vick to "Sit": Terence Moore of the Journal-Constitution says there's no way Michael Vick can return to Atlanta -- the city has enough image problems without him. [AJC Blogs]


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