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Thursday, April 26, 2007

NFL Mock Draft (Completion of First Round)

21) Denver, Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska -- Great value pick for the Broncos and a perfect choice for the 3-4 alignment they are trying as he is a 300-pounder who can provide a strong presence against the pass or the run from the defensive end position. Denver is very happy this guy slipped into their hands.

22) Dallas, Aaron Ross, CB, Texas -- The Cowboys hit the jackpot as they are in a position to take the best player available, but they get the best cornerback, return specialist and a hometown product all in one. They could go with an offensive tackle or a wide receiver, but Ross gives them greater flexibility in the end.

23) Chiefs, Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn -- Boring pick that could pay relatively quick dividends to the interior running game. LJ needs more holes. More holes, more running. More running, more time of possession. KC is a running team (take a look at their receiving corp).

24) New England, Jon Beason, LB, Miami -- Scott Pioli always drafts smart. No matter where NE is on the draft board, they get a solid pick. Drafted mainly to bring youth and athleticism to an aging LB corp (Bruschi/Vrabel), this one could be one of a handful of steals.

25) New York Jets, Jarvis Moss, DE/OLB, Florida -- Perfect player for the 3-4 look and is athletic enough to also find a position when the Jets go into their four-man front. The Jets could go with the suddenly slipping Dwayne Bowe or Greg Olsen here because they have options, but they also have needs and Moss is the highest-rated player on their board.

26) Philadelphia Eagles, Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU -- Much like the Cowboys, the Eagles can go one of several different directions because they are building depth. Bringing in Bowe gives them an immediate replacement for Donte Stallworth and over time Bowe should develop into a No. 1 or strong No. 2 pass catcher.

27) New Orleans, Greg Olsen, TE, Miami -- This was a tough choice considering Michael Griffin is still on board. But damn, getting this guy in the offensive attack alongside Bush and Co. can only appreciate this offensive attack. 49ers, Bucs, and Falcons better draft more defense.

28) New England, Michael Griffin, S, Texas -- Enter New England, gutting the innards of any team in desperate need of this players magnitude. Getting Beason and Griffin is one helluva defensive combo in less than an hour.

29) Baltimore, Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB, Purdue -- Much like a few other lucky teams, Baltimore is drafting for depth over needs and they will draft the highest guy on their board, which in this case is the skyrocketing Spencer out of Purdue.

30) San Diego, Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami -- Love this pick for the Chargers as they fill a need with a three-year starter from Miami who can step in an quickly contribute. The Chargers were the best team in football last year and need someone that can come in with a winning attitude.

31) Chicago, Leon Hall, CB, Michigan -- At this juncture, the Bears take the best available player on the board. Offers immediate depth to an already sound secondary, and can possibly be molded into a safety.

32) Indianapolis, Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan -- The name of the game is protecting the All-Universe Peyton Manning. This big guy falls right into their laps. OG is of more need, but he is a much higher rated Olineman than any other left on the board.


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