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Monday, February 05, 2007

XLI: The Day After

It was a fun game. Mighty sloppy but still entertaining. I'm very happy for Coach Dungy and Peyton Manning. A well-earned Super Bowl trophy.


-- My prop bets: I think I was around 16-5 on prop bets and cashed in nicely. The betting day started well for me when I hit a 3-to-1 bet on Hester scoring a touchdown. It only got better from there.

-- The Colts offensive line: Led by Jeff Saturday, the Colts offensive line walked the Bears "vaunted" front four like a dog and left them begging for food.

-- Joseph Addai/Dominick Rhodes: A ringing endorsement for the two-back system that fantasy football owners are disgusted by.

-- Bob Sanders: Some talking head described him as "the best pound-for-pound player in the NFL". Not sure why Sanders' ability is such a surprise. The kid was a baller at Iowa and even had a upper 90s rating on NCAA 2005, the second highest safety in the game behind Sean Taylor Miami S #26.

-- Katie Couric: I didn't watch much of pre-game, but my favorite evening news reporter looked good. She even had Shannon Sharpe gasping for something to say. Yeah I know she's 50. So what?

-- Prince: The halftime performance (along with the Florida A&M marching band) was terrific.

-- Tony Dungy: The perfect example of perseverence. The guy never complained when he was forced out of Tampa. He never asked anyone to cry for him. He handled numerous playoff defeats with a stoic class (as compared to jackass Bill Belichick) and his victory is one for the good people of the game who walk the talk.


-- Peyton Manning's Emotion: C'mon bro you just one the first champion of your underachieving football career, be happy. Or at least fake it for the media types like myself.

-- Billy Joel: Perfectly solid rendition of the national anthem but homeboy has aged about 95 years since 2000. He looks like he's been through a few wars.

-- The Bears "vaunted" defense: The Colts were roughly 24-of-25 on third-and-short situations and eventually the Colts' offensive line was abusing the Bears so bad that two of them were arrested for assualt following the game.

-- Chris Harris: Yeah, you might want to guard that Reggie Wayne guy...nevermind.


-- Rex Grossman's second-half: He was perfectly fine for the first half and his numbers aren't too bad (20-of-28, 165, TD, 2 interceptions). The first interception was completely inexcusable as Grossman decided he was going to throw that pass regardless of coverage. It's a careless mistake you make in preseason, not the Super Bowl. The endless slipping, sliding and fumbled snaps are more of the 'Evil Rex' that the Bears have to control in the offseason.

-- Bears fans: Get off of Grossman. He took you to the Super Bowl which, in turn, is the only way Brian Griese will get there himself. He's a young quarterback and he's going to make young QB mistakes. Thankfully the Bears management crew isn't as impulsive.

-- The Weather: Doesn't rain in Miami all week, wouldn't stop raining on GameDay. I love outdoor Super Bowls but that sucks.

Now the season is over. But the draft is right around the corner and next week nothing will bring me more joy than watching Bill Belichick coach in the Pro Bowl. A concept I'm sure he hates.


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