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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Super Bowl

It seems like just 13 days ago we were talking about this game and it's finally upon us. Bears or Colts, Bears or Colts, black coach or black coach, Volunteer or Gator, Brian Urlacher vs. Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders vs. Thomas Jones.

ESPN's uniform man breaks down the classic unis of both teams. Not surprisingly the Bears have a slight advantage because they have one of the best uniforms in all of sports. The Colts' uniforms are a beautiful mixture of modern and retro.

I want to go into a bit of the history of both teams.

The Bears are probably more of 'America's Team' than the Cowboys. The Bears better represent the majority of working class Americans. The harden navy blue uniforms, the salute to the past (The GSH permanent patch) and the hard-nosed history of greats like Gale Sayers, Walter Payton and of course Dick Butkus.

The franchise's high point had to come in 1985 when they shuffled their way to Super Bowl greatness, pounding the Patriots like the pathetic wild-card opponent they were and bitchslapping Tony Eason to the point of where he QUIT in the middle of the game. Way to hang in there Tony?

The Colts are also one of NFL's great franchises. Originating from Baltimore its safe to say that the 1958 Colts led by Johnny Unitas, Raymond Berry and Art Donovan is probably one of the top five pre-merger teams in history while the 1968 Colts were probably the most dominating Super Bowl runners-up ever.

The Baltimore/Indianapolis franchise has always been a bit underappreciated in my opinion. They were the signature franchise of possibly the greatest quarterback in NFL history and were probably the 3rd or 4th best team in the AFC in the 70s behind the Steelers, Dolphins and Raiders. The double overtime game against Oakland in the late 70s is still a classic. The Colts were also where coaching greats Don Shula and Weeb Eubank got their starts.

So who's my pick. That's easy. The Colts will win 30-20 and it'll be a very close game, probably coming down to no more than five plays. Will I be upset if the Bears win? Of course not. That's the beauty of this game, regardless of who wins, it will be a good thing.


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