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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Postseason Bloggin'!

Oh yeah baby, it's time to TESTIFY!!! New York Mets in the 2006...NL East Champions what?!?!

...oh shit 'Duque is hurt...I like Johnny Maine, but I'm not sure if I like Johnny Maine as Game 1 starter...

Damn work made me miss most of the first inning, but I heard on XM that Maine looked solid...Mr. MVP botches his first chance for postseason magic by grounding out with runners on the corners.

4:28: I love Grady Little's base 'em.

4:37: Not happy with Maine's second inning. The double was a legit hit, but a slow roller and a weak double down the line? Ughh.

4:43: Ok bats, what the hell?

4:50: Much nicer inning for Maine.

4:55: Reyes has flied out twice, that's not good, he needs to hit the ball on the ground. Lowe is starting to feel comfortable and I don't like it one bit.

4:56: Lowe has retired seven in a row...Good grief.

5:09: CARLOS~~~~!! *doing the cabbage patch* Tied up! It's a celebration bitches!

5:14: Who betta than Cliff Floyd??

5:40: I love the Mets' bullpen, I really do, but I'd love for a pitcher to give us a good seven innings because these guys will have to do a LOT of work down the stretch.

5:55: There you go Mr. MVP!! That's what I want to see for the rest of the postseason! I want the Dodgers dead! Dead I say! I want them to give up by the time it gets back to Los Angeles, they can't stop us! They can't stop the 2006 NL East Champions!

6:19: This inning must stop right now :(

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