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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Postseason Bloggin' Game 5

Three Things I must see out of the Mets tonight:

1) Tommy Gun has to go six strong, seven would be super but I'm not greedy.

2) Reyes must get on base and score early to give Tommy a nice cushion.

3) Force Cardinals to go to the bullpen quickly, they are real low after Sunday's drubbing and might have lost all their confidence.

8:31: Mets threaten early because the home plate ump isn't giving up anything on the outside so far, but Weaver tightens up and strikes out Wright with runners on the corners. Not sure what the hell is wrong with David Wright.

8:40: Tommy Gun gives up a leadoff single to David Eckstein (guess the shoulder is ok) and retires the rest of the side in order.

8:49: Mets strand their third baserunner after Glavine grounds out with Chavez on second. It was a big hit for Chavez because it allows Reyes to lead off the third inning.

8:57: Nothing gets me more pumped up then a strike 'em out, throw 'em out combo. It's better than getting that 78-hit special on Killer Instinct.

9:04: Mets go in order mainly because Reyes got impatient. On a 3-1 count he's got to either take the second strike or hope to drive a ball lower in the zone. Instead he chased a high strike and popped up. He's got to force Weaver to make one more pitch. The last thing Weaver wants is to put Reyes on base, so 3-2 becomes a count where he is going to potentially groove one or at least allow Reyes to foul off several. Gotta make Weaver throw the extra pitch.

9:11: Tommy Gun has a easy 3rd inning and so far it looks like another pitcher's duel.

9:15: Ha, seems like the first base is not set in the post and Jeff Weaver's biological clock ticks as the grounds crew make repairs. Not sure why Pujols decided to mess with it because it only serves to ice his pitcher.

9:26: And a little ice goes a long way as Weaver ran up the count to Wright before retiring him (UGHH), walked Delgado and gave up back-to-back doubles to Green and Valentin, scratching across two runs. And Reyes will led off the fifth inning. So far things are working as planned on the offensive side.

9:33: Tommy Gun should gotten the call on Pujols with his 1-2 pitch, but one pitch later and the game is 2-1. First run charged to Glavine in the postseason.

9:45: Needless to say a walk to Rolen and consecutive seeing-eye singles have tied the game up. I believe Glavine threw 37 pitches that inning which means his next one could be his last. All because an ump was afraid to punch out Pujols.

9:56: Another impatient inning for the top of the order. The Duke has the only good at bat and should've had a double if not for a bad bounced of the side wall.

10:00 p.m. Cards take the lead after a Wilson double followed an Eckstein single. Glavine needs to go as the Mets have to quickly stop the bleeding before this game gets away. No more blogging for me.

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