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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Game 7 Bloggin'

I'm scared shitless....but I believe.

So far Perez rolled through the first with only an error from Delgado. Right now Beltran is on second with a two-out double.

8:36: Facing a full count, Delgado takes a walk to bring up David Wright. Andre 3000 asked what's cooler than bein' cold? The answer has been -- David Wright.

8:38: Wright flares one into right field for an RBI single and the Mets jump out on top in the first. Good hitting with two outs, that's old-school Mets.

8:39: Green rips a shot right to Rolen...DAMN, that had RBI written all over it.

8:44: Perez gives up a leadoff hit to Edmonds, that's never a good sign.

8:47: Perez isn't giving me the same feeling in the second inning, his pitches are fine, but he isn't the same pitcher, Molina loops one into left for another single. See. Belliard has an RBI sacrifice bunt on a 1-1 count. That was a very good play, game tied.

8:49: He limits the damage, however, by punching out Suppan on four pitches.

8:59: Mets went in order, quite easily...Good news is the top of the order will lead off the third.

9:01: Eckstein, that little shit, gets a leadoff double and the Cardinals have hit every ball hard since the first inning. I expect the bullpen to start throwing in the next 3-5 minutes.

9:06: Double goes to waste as Perez fans Wilson and gets Encarcion to ground into the 5-4-3. Good lord, I'm going to have a heart attack by the 5th.

9:12: Mets went up and down so fast I didn't even remember the at-bats. Why is Jeff Suppan summonsing the demon seed of Mike Scott?

9:22: Perez goes through another strong inning, he's loaded up on the pitch count but most of them are strikes.

9:35: Two Mets reach base without the aid of hits (although Valentin definitely took one for the team), but Endy Chavez pops up to end the inning. Since when did the Mets became so inept with runners in scoring position? Have they been talking to A-Rod or something?

9:45: The tryouts for the Mets 2007 rotation continues as Perez gives up a leadoff single, plunks Eckstein (haha), but fans Wilson and gets Pujols to fly out. C'mon boys, give me 1....2.....10 runs the next inning.

9:53: No such luck as the Mets go quickly with Reyes #&^@&@ popping up again and the rest of the order following suit. Wille also chose to let Perez bat which means we're in for another fun inning. Meanwhile Suppan couldn't be pitching better if he tried.

10:02: Crucial point of the game -- Perez yields a walk to Perez and Willie checks on him, but...


10:15: Rolen's error puts runners at second and third with one out. Something tells me Shawn Green is going to get a free pass.

10:20: The move works as Valentin looks silly on two curve balls and Chavez pops out on the first pitch. Good grief.

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