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Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup Sweet 16

Yeah the U.S. team sucks and frankly Bruce Arena needed to go long before this tournament began. Too many people mistook 2002 for this great run when really it was a lot of luck, a hot goalkeeper and a team with several holes in it.

I'll get into that another day, until then my predictions for the Sweet 16


Footbalschnitzels 2-0 ABBAMeatballs (I cheated)
¿La cocaína? ¿Qué Cocaína? 2-1 Los Del Verdes Ratos


Jolly Ole Chokers 2-2 De Montana Hombres (England Wins 4-2 on PKs)
Equipe oscilante de Futebol 1-2 Cannabis Is Ons


We Are Serie B! 2-1 Socceroos (Italians Win with a Golden Goal)
Le chocolat A Incorporé 0-1 Slava Sheva Slokos

Samba Swooshronadinhos 23-0 Black Knights
Cuatro Y Fuera 1-2 Oui Oui Poo Poo

Good luck to all

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