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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sports Soup Part 2

*Note: I typed much of this yesterday but the Blooger monster ate it up*

Corey on Bonds: Still stuck on 713 and he's going to continue to be stuck there until he stops trying to hit home runs and begins to hit line drives again. Regardless of what you think of him personally he is a great line drive hitter and he's not trying to hit the baseball right now, he's trying to overpower it.

Ruth in 2k6: An interesting subject talks about how the Babe would fair in 2006. Let me take a whirl. I'd say he'd be the Yankees' version of David Ortiz. A wildly popular DH who could mash 40-45 homers a year. However, Ruth was also a great pitcher, which means Joe Torre would make him a left-handed set up man three times a week.

Better yet Ruth should be traded to the Royals where he can be the team's ace AND clean up hitter at the same time. How many guys hit 40+ homers and have a 17-11 record on the mound. Besides the Royals need help and Babe Ruth, 60 years after his death would easily be the best player on the team.

Sorry to the Seminole Faithful: I threw a fat one out to my "mortal" enemies over at EDSBS and as usual they knocked it out of the park...However it's damn funny and the Chris Rix level of douchebaggery grows each day.

Larry Leaves MSG: This is funny about how many people are taking up Brown's side in this alleged buyout as if he doesn't want this. Let's be honest, Brown is as stable as the government when it comes to his devotion to an organization. Apparently one of the Golden State execs is his neighbor and that's where he could be headed.

Meanwhile he (not Isiah) was the one who asked for the trade for Steve Francis and Jalen Rose. Now granted Isiah was STUPID enough to trade for two shoot-first point guards to go along with his current shoot-first point guard, but don't leave Larry out of the blame game.

Vick Sticks With the Fish: Oh I've run across some great Dolphin fans today who are just outraged that the Phins signed Marcus Vick when the money could've been used to sign a "stretch-the-field receiver"...

Well at last check Vick will make $60K this season on the Dolphins practice squad and $200K if he makes the roster of 53 (slim chance). What receiver could the Dolphins get for $60K? Hell Ohio State pays more than that for their receivers.

As for Vick, I hope he turns his life around. He's already taken the first step by parlaying an invite to mini-camp (he didn't get an undrafted free agent contract!) into a contract with the team. What's done in his life is done and I can only judge him on his future.

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