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Monday, May 15, 2006

Sports Soup Part 1

I'm just going to hit on the things that have been bugging me in recent weeks.

NBA Playoffs: Cleveland really showed me a lot of character by getting one on the Pistons this weekend. They were so happy with themselves and that should tell you how hard Detroit makes you work to defeat them. LeBron is quickly passing Kobe as the best player in the league. He wants to make his teammates better, he wants to pass the ball and he wants to be a leader on defense. Maybe it's not so much a better player but LeBron is already a much better leader.

Dallas won a classic over San Antonio on Saturday and I expect them to really turn up the heat tonight to keep that home court. A 3-1 deficit still wouldn't kill the Spurs, but it would give the Mavericks the confidence needed to close it out in six. For those who criticized the Mavericks for drafting Devin Harris a few years ago, now they can see why. As Jason Terry prepares to cash in on a big deal, Harris can move into the starting PG spot.

The Nets tanked, no nice way around it. They had the Heat on the ropes going into Game 3 and just blew it. Not sure how much longer the Vince-Jefferson-Kidd team will last.

The Clippers-Suns are setting things up for a climatic Game Seven and I expect the Clippers to put up a much bigger fight than the Lakers did once they get there. Two very evenly matched teams.

Mets: Lost 4 out of six and are only one game up on the Phillies. It seems like every time there is a crucial at bat Kaz Matsui is taking it. Beltran seems to be getting more comfortable and swinging the bat a little better, but now the bullpen (most notably Duaner Sanchez) is coming back down to earth. The series against the Cardinals and the Empire will tell me a lot. The team is in need of a nice 8 out of 10 run and a little cooling off from the Phillies.

Right now the Braves are almost an afterthought for me. They seem to be doing just enough to remain a .500 squad, but I don't see the hunger there anymore. Adam LaRoche's lack of hustle on Sunday was just embarassing.

NFL Draft: Two weeks later I still don't know how the Texans have the top pick and can choose either: a) The Heisman Trophy winner or b) the Rose Bowl MVP who happens to be a hometown boy and miss out on both of them. Why they had a lame duck GM making the selection too raises plenty of questions.

Once again I'm not knocking Mario Williams. He's got great potential, but he isn't going to send shockwaves through the base like Reggie Bush would have.

Part 2 will come later this evening!

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