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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Inside the NBA

....Hitting the second round...

"Flash" in the pan?: Dwyane Wade looks OLD and he's really had an odd run of lower body injuries that a guy his age and condition shouldn't have. He needs a younger team around him. The problem with the Heat's veteran squad is that they practice like veterans in order to preserve their energy. For a younger player like Wade this isn't good. He needs to consistently push his energy and stamina level up so his body doesn't break down.

The Champ Is Hurt: I think most expected Dallas to split their first two games in San Antonio, but a victory by 22? I do believe this series will go seven games and I believe the Mavericks have a great chance of winning this as long as Jason Terry and Josh Howard play big. As much as I like Parker and Ginobili, I think Dirk has a better supporting cast when you add in the bench contributions of Jerry Stackhouse.

And if the Mavericks win Mark Cuban can say he made good on his most recent investment to the league.

Take You Hand: make your index finger and thumb meet to form a 'zero'...That's how many games the Cavaliers will win against Detroit.

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