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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Who's Your Sandman?

Despite the fact that I think Metallica is the suckiest suck band when it comes to what they are as compared to what they were, I give them props for respecting the original Sandman in this case:
Not only should the Mets play "Enter Sandman" when closer Billy Wagner takes the mound at Shea, the manager of Metallica says they should turn up the volume.

For the record, Wagner used the song first, even if it's synonymous in baseball circles with Rivera's entrance.

While with Houston during Wagner's rookie season in 1996, teammate Jeff Bagwell disliked the lefty's entry music, George Strait's "They Call Me the Fireman," and persuaded Wagner to switch.

Rivera didn't begin using the song for another three years.

Hmmm, since Billy didn't pitch in New York for his first 10 I'm wondering they will consider those years legit. Anyway Moron and the Rambling Pup can shut up now.

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