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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Perfect Start...

...some quick thoughts on the Mets' opener.

-- David Wright is now fully established as the best player on the team and the team leader. He's basically the Mets' version of Jeter back when Jeter was young and talented.

-- Xavier Nady's hot bat carried over from exhibition season. Given the money saved in the trade that sent Mike Cameron away, this could be one of Minaya's best moves.

-- Tom Glavine is still a gamer.

-- Aaron Heilman got a little lucky and wasn't locating his pitches well at all, still he survived for the first of many holds.

-- Wagner did what was asked. He threw strikes, he got a break on a bad baserunning decision, but he threw his best stuff.

-- Carlos Beltran needs to get off to a hot start. I don't care if he has to bunt to get on base, he needs hits badly.

Otherwise it was a great day and even ESPN agrees.

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