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Saturday, April 01, 2006


....should be an excellent game, but these are my picks.

NL East

1) N.Y. Mets -- This is based on the assets they possess and the fact that they have options to bolster the rotation if things get desperate. Overall I wasn't sure about the Benson trade, but now that he's divorce I think the spotlight in NYC would kill him. With the exception of the rotation age, this team has depth on offense, defense and in the bullpen. Billy Wagner adds five wins and Carlos Delgado adds 35 homers and five wins at 1st base. That's a 94-win season and a division title.

2) Atlanta -- Wouldn't it be funny if the Braves got the wild card and went on to win the World Series? If Smoltz holds up than he and Tim Hudson are a better top-of-the-rotation than the Mets. But what happens without Leo Mazzone to work his magic with the 3-5 starters?

3) Florida -- I think this team will finish at or barely above. 500 with a strong second half of the season. There's a ton of young, exciting talent and a good managing prospect in Girardi to work with them.

4) Philadelphia
5) Washington

NL Central

1) St. Louis -- Quietly and calmy the Cardinals win 95 games a season. A lineup that's always punches in a lot of runs and a solid staff with Mulder and Carpenter. They are actually even better than Atlanta at being a great regular season team that seems to fail in the playoffs.

2) Houston -- Once Roger Clemens returns (and he will return) the rotation of Clemens, Pettitte and Oswalt will post up another strong run in the summer months. They don't have the depth on offense to go so far, but pitching and defense could carry them in the post season.

3) Milwaukee -- Improving team, will be very tough to face in Miller Park.

4) Pittsburgh

5) Chicago Cubs -- Yep, fifth-place. Zambrano is a great pitcher but I'm not banking on more than 25 starts combined for Wood and Prior.

6) Cincinnati

NL West

1) San Francisco -- I expect this team to make a final run for Bonds and as long as the investigated one is healthy, he's going to put up serious numbers and hit about .500 OBP.

2) San Diego -- The classic overachievers will continue to push the 84-88 win area and challenge for both the division and the wild card.

3) LA Dodgers -- With Jae Seo in the rotation (yes I'm bitter) I expect the Dodgers to also push for a division and wild card. This is going to be a great three-team race.

4) Colorado
5) Arizona

NL Wild Card -- Atlanta
NL Division -- Mets over Cardinals in six.
NL Cy Young -- Jake Peavy (21-6)
NL Aaron Award Winner -- Albert Pujols (.331, 48 HR, 134 RBI)
Bonds' Numbers -- (.326, 39 HR, 101 RBI, .547 OBP)

As for the American League, I don't care and I really don't follow the league, so fuck 'em and here's a quick rundown.

AL East

1) N.Y. Yankees
2) Toronto
3) Boston
4) Tampa Bay
5) Baltimore

AL Central

1) Cleveland
2) Chi White Sox
3) Detroit
4) Minnesota
5) Kansas City

AL West

1) Oakland
2) L.A. Angels
3) Texas
4) Seattle

AL Wild Card: L.A. Angels
AL Division: Cleveland over Yankees in seven
AL Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia (22-4)
AL Aaron Winner: David Ortiz (.341, 51 HR, 133 RBI)

All Star Game: AL 9, NL 4

World Series Champion: Mets over Indians in six.

I biased..I don't deny it.

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