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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm Back

My annual break to enjoy spring training is over so now I am back to enjoy the Final Four (Go Mason!) and prepare for the 2006 MLB Season (a.k.a. the Mets World Series Tour 2K6) despite some of the saddest news in recent memory. (Although I wonder who Anna is going to "accidentally" get caught fucking in the Orioles clubhouse...My guess is Melvin Mora).

NFL Mock Draft -- It's starting on Monday, not sure if Cesar will take part in it this year, I might find another partner or go at it solo and give more in-depth reasons why each selection is what it is. Monday won't start the actual draft, but will start the moving and shaking (who will pick at No. 2? the Saints, Jets or Raiders?). I think I'm going to go through three rounds...

MLB Predictions -- Coming tonight or tomorrow. Any guesses with who I think is gonna take it all? And will Barry reach 756?

Off-season CFB Roundtable -- I'm late on that but I'll do it this weekend. FSU looks like a mixed bag during spring practices. I'm hoping they will decide to go with Antone Smith early and often.

NFL Kickoff Weekend -- Maybe the league really does hate the Seahawks, I really can't see any other reason for a Vikings-Redskins MNF opener...Ooooo, feel the excitement of the Brad Johnson-Mark Brunell matchup. The over/under on counter traps is sitting at 41.

If I were king of the NFL schedule, I'd schedule the Seahawks an opener against a team with a pulse (which excludes the entire NFC West) and give them the late MNF game. I'd move the Raiders-Chargers to the Sunday night game and make the Manning Bowl the early MNF game. Redskins-Vikings would be regional coverage at best.

MLB Investigation -- Don't get your hopes up. At best the MLB is looking for a scapegoat and the surprise villian in all this could very well be Tony La Russa. He happened to be the manager during Canseco's and McGwire's most noticable juiced era. And unlike the people at the St. Louis newspaper, the investigation crew isn't in bed with the Cardinals organization.

NCAA Final Four -- UCLA over George Mason in the finals.

More later, much more later.

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