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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quick Update...

After three undefeateds go down on Saturday, Kobe's 81-point output and two completely underwhelming football games on Sunday, I'm basically taking the week off to recover and get ready for the Super Bowl.

However, I've been fingering through the newspapers this week and here's what I've gotten so far.

-- Pittsburgh is wearing road whites for the Super Bowl despite being the designated home team and I expect the Detroit crowd will be about 75-25 Steeler fans. I actually believe there are more Steeler fans in Seattle than Seahawk fans. Doesn't mean much in the end except Seattle will have to get their "road" face on.

-- Dan Marino gives Ben Roethlisberger Super Bowl advice? Yeah, now I've heard it all. [Wire] You know Marino is praying for a 'Big Ben' failure, that guy is way too bitter to think otherwise and don't let the Isotoner glove commercials fool you.

-- Ron Artest got traded to Sacramento. He was apprehensive about going and if you've ever been to Sacramento you wouldn't blame him.

-- National Signing Day comes up in a week so college fans are going crazy over guys with really impressive high school film. As much as I hate to admit it, this is the one area in sports journalism where the internet completely destroys the print business. Of course it's because real sports journalists have actual work to do other than send 16-year olds text messages.

-- EDSBS is having a winner-take-all fight to the finish for 32 of the best coaches in college football. My money is on Jim Tressel, the cheaters always win in wrestling. [Link]

-- Michael Vick defends his brother saying Virginia Tech went too far in dismissing Marcus Vick despite his issues with the law which include speeding with alicense, weapons possession, statutory rape, providing minors with alcohol and don't forget stomping Elvis Dumervil on the shin. Oh well, maybe Mike's got a point. [AP]

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