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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My MLB HoF Ballot

No I don't have a vote for the MLB Hall of Fame, yes I have a Heisman vote (no I wouldn't change it) but they give those away for free. You aren't a prominent writer until you get a HoF voting card from baseball.

Well since I can't officially vote, I've decided to let you in on how I would vote. My criteria is simple, I only have two requirements:

a) Were they a former Met (automatic admission)

and if a) isn't applicable than

b) the best facial hair.

This year's HoF ballot has two winners. First entrant to the MLB HoF (in my opinion) is pitch Bruce Sutter!

No surprise at all with this choice, look at that run on his face. It's very authentic and just a terrible example of grooming. This is the sort of 'stache/beard combination that you rarely see outside of construction or auto mechanics. It's almost Foutsian don'cha think?

When it comes to numbers, Sutter is probably a legitimate Hall of Famer despite not playing for the Mets. However, when based on the quality of his facial hair, Sutter might be a first-ballot unanimous vote. Outside of Rollie Fingers, this guy may be the best ever.

Our second entrant is a bit of a shocker to some, but when you look at this guy's accomplishments on the field so will have to agree that super slugger Andre Dawson is a shoo-in for the second spot in the Hall of Fame.

His mustache is so strong, so powerful. It says that 'After I jack 500 homers, I'm going to maim a tiger for shits and giggles.' I'd make more comments about Dawson that could include drinking a few can of Colt before breaking off a few women, but it's obvious you don't want to fuck with this guy.

Congratulations to both of these stars. They will live forever in Cooperstown.

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