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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Inside Stunt #2

Back again, this time is a special division playoff editon.

However before we discuss the postseason let's talk about my favorite time -- the coaching replacement.

-- It looks like the Texans will hire Gary Kubiak as soon as the Broncos are eliminated and it's a long time coming for John Elway's former backup. If you are a Texan fan, this is good news for two reasons.

1) He's an excellent quarterback coach and should help David Carr reach his full potential.
2) He's not Dom Capers.

-- Brett Favre was the last person to sign off on Green Bay hiring Mike McCarthy and that's a good thing because if you didn't there's a good chance you got fired [Wire].

As for the fans, they aren't very enamored. Disappointed maybe, but they should realize that Green Bay is a shit town that no one wants to live in and just be thankful the team isn't in L.A. [Appleton Post-Crescent]

And since when did the guy who threw 30 interceptions get a say? Is Aaron Brooks placing input on the Saints job? Favre should be thankful the Packers want him back much like choosing who cocaches a team he'll be gone from after 2006.

-- Good news for me. The Jets will most likely offer their head coaching job to Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini and he will accept. [NYDN]

The bad news: Mike Tice is the backup plan. Good lord. Oh well things could only go downhill after getting a pick for Herman Edwards.

Ok, onto the playoffs.

-- I like Seattle today. That sounds strange because I constantly make fun of them and its well-deserved because it's a rare day when a defending division champion has a WORSE schedule than they did the year before and if this was college basketball their RPI rating would be someone in the upper 300s.

However, I know when a team is tired of being kicked around by the media and...hell by other teams. Seattle seems like the team that has gotten sick of getting beaten up and they probably want to let people know that they can beat a quality team (not sure if I can count that Giants victory anymore) and that their secondary isn't as atrocious as I think.

Overall the NFC has taken a beating this year, winning that conference is the equivalent of winning the Mountain West in college football. However, the abuse probably shouldn't reach the Seahawks because of their schedule. It's not their fault.

BTW, what happens to Shawn Alexander after this playoff run? Will they franchise him again? I understand their apprehension to signing him long term, he's kind of a pain in the ass and the fact that he tanked it in the playoffs last year out of spite for not winning the rushing title means he should never be trusted.

Still he's the NFL's MVP. If the Seahawks don't want him to be so concerned with the stats sheet sign him.

Either way, the Redskins offense sucks and Southeast Jerome's shoulder is about to fall off...Seattle 35-14.

-- If the Broncos don't win today the Patriots will be the first team to three-peat. Either they will face a Steelers team they own or a Colts team that will try too hard and I've already given you my thoughts on the challenge that the NFC poses.

That being said there's something about that Patriots team that Bill Belichick is trying to hide. He didn't want to face Pittsburgh in the first round in hopes that it could put off an eventual matchup with the Colts.

Drawing Jacksonville in the first round was the best matchup for the Patriots' cruddy secondary and the hope is that Peyton Manning's anxeity of playing the Patriots in the AFC championship game will give them a mental edge.

But overall, this Patriots team isn't that good and they can be beaten.

Denver 24-19

-- Pittsburgh will lose Sunday and that means that Bill Cowher won't get to enjoy his favorite pastime: blowing the AFC championship game and spending three weeks to devise a solid Pro-Bowl gameplan.

No this year the Steelers stop in Round 2, where they face an Indy team that handled them thoroughly without a super performance from their offense.

They one will be over early and the countdown to Detroit begins for the Colts.

Indy 38, Pittsburgh 20.

-- I'm torn on this last game however.

The Bears' defense and home-field advantage is good for 14 points, which could be enough.

However, while I think Rex Grossman is a much better alternative than Kyle Orton, I'm reminded of the first-time playoff starters this year.

Eli Manning? Looked Loss.
Carson Palmer? Loss and seriously injured.
Byron Leftwich? Unpopular Loser.
Chris Simms? Lost, but will get paid.

And Rex Grossman?

Carolina 17, Chicago 14.

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