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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Dance With Duncan...

On Monday I finally got out to my first Magic game of the season and I've come back with this report:

For Kevin: Jameer Nelson scored 20 and although he couldn't really get his passing game going, he filled in nicely on the scoring end for Steve Francis.

For Blair: Deiner, in his new reserve role, went 3-of-5 from the arch, he's around .650 for the season. He's pretty much a gunner so far. I hope he gets more PT, but I can't see it with the Magic's crowded back court.

Otherwise it was a good first half as DeShawn Stevenson plugged himself up to the rejuvenation machine and it was a good second half when the Spurs decided to quit screwing around and really hammer the opposition.

Dwight Howard didn't get my 20/20 game, but he had 10/10 at the half before Tim Duncan decided to join the rest of the team and then he just abused the youngster. Outscored him 20-3 in the second half and held Howard to like 1-of-12 shooting. Talk about learning a life's lesson in 24 minutes.

I really don't understand the Spurs...For all this talk about how they are so disciplined and focused, etc, this team should finished 75-7 this year barring injury. They go 10 deep! No one else in the league can match their bench production. With Horry, Finley and Van Exel they've got three guys who can score 30 off the bench. Mohammed can give them a double-double in under 25 minutes on a good night and Barry is still quite servicable.

Anyone who really questions this team's fight should. Even last night they coasted for a half before running the Magic out the building when they should've been leading by 15 going into the break. This team is far better than Jordan's Bulls of 1996 that won 72 games, but of course Duncan isn't the competitor Jordan is. People forget the Bulls wrapped up virtually everything when they were like 60-8, but finished the season 12-2 because Jordan demanded a 70-win season.

So take it for what it is. The Spurs will win their 62 games and probably win series in six games that should be sweeps and beat Miami in a seven-game series they could've had wrapped up in five.

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