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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Inside Stunt (Yikes)

What the hell was that this weekend?

Quick rundown

-- Cincinnati gives up the #2 playoff seed with a home loss to Buffalo.
-- Atlanta screws up a gift in Tampa
-- Carolina loses the NFC South with a home loss to Dallas
-- San Diego eliminated??!!
-- N.Y. Giants give Redskins chance to win NFC East

This is crazy.

Let's just jump into the Top 5.

1) Indianapolis: Well their 'B & C' teams put up a spirited effort against Seattle's first team on the road but they were just overmatched. As for the first-team, well Peyton Manning was on pace for a 560-yard day passing. Colts just had to get through this week without injuries or emotional breakdowns. The latter was tough, but they did it.

2) San Diego: I can't believe this team is eliminated. Was Tomlinson hurt that badly? And how come Antonio Gates had less than 10 catches? There's no excuse for not moving the ball against Kansas City's defense. Marty Schottenheimer stinks!

2) Denver: Hmmm interesting, on one hand you just can't fully put your trust in Jake Plummer. On the other hand, this team has run an impressive string of victories and all three losses were on the road against winning teams (two playoff contenders). Mike Anderson will have three weeks to heal that ankle.

3) New England: Tom Brady's shoulder injury doesn't appear serious, but the Patriots offensive line will have to stay strong to keep it that way. Otherwise this team will have to avoid injuries and look forward to a pretty nasty matchup against a hot Steelers team in the playoffs.

4) Seattle: Ok, Shawn Alexander will go into the playoffs happy this year. Still 116 passing yards given up on two drives? Without Marvin Harrison? Still not impressed. Make me into a believer.

5) Chicago: I love Lovie Smith, he dumps a QB with a 10-4 record because he wants to go for the gusto. Rex Grossman is still rusty, but he doesn't lack confidence and he is eager to throw the ball downfield to his speedy receivers. The defense seems to be wearing down a bit so the bye week will do this team good.

Outside Looking In

-- Cincinnati: No discipline, no sense of playoff urgency. Marvin Lewis has to turn this team into contenders because right now they are just happy to be there. However, we like Chad Johnson and throwing autographed gifts to the crowd is pretty cool.

-- Washington: I like the Redskins a little more than the Giants or the Panthers right now because they are playing well. Mark Brunell's injury is big news, but with Santana Moss, Clinton Portis and Chris Cooley playing they way they are right now, it's a good spot for Patrick Ramsey to jump into.

Have a good day after Christmas and enjoy the final Monday Night Football game on ABC.

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