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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

AP Takes Easy Road... naming Lance Armstrong and Annika Sorenstam it's AP Male and Female Athletes of the Year. I've got no real problem with either because they are both deserving.

However, I'm going to put in a word for Roger Federer over Armstrong. I respect Armstrong's inspiration, accomplishments, bravado and dominance on the hills of France.

However something is to be said for the guy who plays 12 months out of the year and dominates (match record 81-4) on every surface against every style of player.

Imagine it the Tour de France it part of it was ridden on asphalt, part of it on sand, part of it on grass and you'd get the idea of what Federer faced from week-to-week.

And he kicked ass.

Still congrats to Lance and Annika.

Armstrong: Top AP Male [Wire]
Sorenstam: Top AP Female [Wire]

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