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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thoughts on the 7th floor...

Initial Thoughts: It's actually not a bad song until the end when the last guy starts rambling and even that's funny as hell. Seriously, if not of these guys make it in the league they should be able to get a development al contract from Trick Daddy or something. The jist of the song of several former and at least a few current Miami players (Tavares Gooden, Jon Beason) talking about their dicks and having sex with bitches. God Bless America!

Favorite Lines: Several!

The chorus alone is great -- "If yo ho only know, she was getting fucked on on the 7th floor"

The hook lines are excellent -- "She thought 52 was my number but then she realized, you multiply that bitch and you get my dick size"...

Quality flow-- "You came a good girl but you leaving a ho, now you wonder why they call me Thundercat now ya know"

Best line in the song comes from Greg Threat -- "What yo name? G-reg. What you do? Get head. How you do it? Drop my drawers and let 'em see my third leg.

Personally I think the 7th floor crew should've released an entire album. Listen if you must [Link]

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