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Monday, November 07, 2005

Saturday Rewind...

Complete with pictures!!

Hopefully SI on campus will put me on their docket again. I loved that hit count.

Anyway I didn't watch as many games this week, but what I saw I liked.

USF-Rutgers: My Big East matinee viewed because I'm quite the USF supporter on the side. I was worried about the Bulls' conditioning because they had only played two in five weeks (thank you Hurricane Wilma), but they came out the gate and took a 21-0 lead with a couple of defensive scores. Old school Rutgers would've quit, but Greg Schiano's team got tough and actually got to 37-31 as USF began to get fatigued. But turnovers have been Jim Leavitt's best friend since he stepped onto campus at Tampa and he got six of 'em from his defense to preserve a victory. If USF runs the table, they will win the Big East and go to a BCS bowl in their ninth year of existence.

Notre Dame-Tennessee: The Volunteers haven given up on Phil Fulmer and like I've said several times over the last month, the Tennessee coach might follow his offensive coordinator out of the door. Meanwhile Notre Dame just has to show up to its final three games to get into the Fiesta Bowl. But I'm not bitter at the Irish because they deserve it this year. They had a rough schedule and came through it ok.

FSU-North Carolina St.: I'll have more to say about this when I hand out grades (will any unit on the offense get more than D?), but it's been depressing to watch the "Rixification" of Drew Weatherford. He was absolutely terrible in the second half and Xavier Lee couldn't do much because the FSU coaches were afraid to run on a three-man front. I should use this to give credit to N.C. State, who continues to play FSU tough and use unique and different formations. Andre Brown had a WHALE of a game and the Wolfpack deserved the victory on Sunday. Meanwhile FSU will have to work hard to win anymore games this season.

Alabama-Mississippi St.: I suffered through 10 minutes of this terrible game to see if Alabama can hold off Miami on my blogpoll. They can't.

Vanderbilt-Florida: Fun little game with a terrible error at the end of it. The official that called a celebration penalty on Vandy was absolute garbage. First of all this time just rallied from 14 points back on the road and the kid isn't allowed to be happy with a game-tying TD? And it wasn't even CLOSE to excessive. That ref costs Vandy a shot at going for two and basically a shot at a bowl game unless they can beat Tennessee. Officials need to understand the situation of the game. It takes away from a gusty performance from Jay Cutler and a full, all-around game from Chris Leak. Took a couple of stanzas, but I caught a lot of good stuff.

Texas A&M-Texas Tech: Many of us overrated A&M, they are a disaster and Texas Tech still has proven anything other than the fact that they score a lot.

Miami-Va. Tech: HOLY....MOLY...(You know I want to type another word instead of moly), I thought it was going to be an epic battle and it turned into an epic beatdown that was so impressive the voters decided to break them past Alabama [Wire]. Miami could eventually lose a beat without Tyrone Moss, but Charlie Jones looked better than good as his replacement. Hurricanes dominated every facet of the game and taught Mike Vick a major lesson in humility. This was an "everything" game for Virginia Tech, it held their BCS, championship and conference standings in the balance and the Hokies fell out. The ultimate choke job.

USC-Stanford: Only saw the first half and it was more than enough to see why USC continues to have #1 locked down.

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