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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday GameDay..

I'm not going to LiveBlog, but I'm going to ramble and update my rambles throughout the day...

Games I'm watching: OSU-Michigan in the front room and OU-TT/South Florida-Cincy in my office room.

With the departure of Bill Snyder I've decided to list the five programs that really shouldn't bitch about their head coach.

1) UCLA: I laugh when I read Bruin fanboards and their gripes over Karl Dorrell. Anyone who thinks that guy should be replaced doesn't get it. The program is and will always be second fiddle in a city that isn't a major sports town to begin with. The fact that Dorrell has at least given UCLA a bit of national significance is pretty impressive. I don't think they will beat USC next week, but Dorrell is doing good things. They can't do any better.

2) Michigan: Ok, Lloyd Carr isn't perfect, but he's pretty damn good and he's got the Wolverines with an outside shot at the title in a down year for the program. The great thing about Carr is that he conducts himself with a lot of patience considering he's got a fanbase that pouts everytime Michigan falls behind in the first quarter of a game.

3) Florida: They ran off Spurrier because 11-2 and a BCS bowl victory was a disappointment? They ran off Zook because he wasn't Spurrier, now they want to run off Meyer because he lost to Spurrier. Bottom line is they are stuck with Meyer for better or worse. I believe he'll get things right on offense eventually, but until he does...quit whining.

4) Nebraska: Here's a group who outsmarted themselves. Rather than ask a good, quality college coach like Frank Solich to implement change, they tried to catch lightning in a bottle with Bill Callahan? Huh? On top of being a douchebag, Callahan is, at best, a below average coach. Don't cry Huskers, you got what you deserved.

5) Florida State: This group is headed towards the Florida/Nebraska stage. Now I believe that FSU is in a funk because of some poor staff moves by Bobby Bowden, but this group really believes that FSU's run from 1987-2000 was done easily? Hell no. It took a lot a good talent and some good luck. The talent is there now, but the luck isn't. Bowden deserves a chance to turn this thing around.

What's more shocking? Texas Tech has only scored 10 points through three quarters or that Texas Tech's defense has held Oklahoma to 7 points.

Unknown Superstar: Amarri Jackson, an all-purpose player for South Florida. He had his coming out party against Louisville with a touchdown run, catch and pass. He's only a freshman, but he's a 6'5 and 210 pounds of excitement. Watch out for this guy in the next few years.

My Iron Bowl Pick: Auburn 20, Alabama 7. Sorry WSJ.

What Rivalry? Virginia Tech is smashing Virginia, 52-14, early in the fourth quarter. That should really put FSU's problems in perspective.

Game Update: The Sooners have rallied back from a 17-7 deficit in Lubbock. Texas Tech just got a hometown spot on a 4th down play and the review should have made things right, but it didn't. Terrible break for the Sooners.

Now they are going to give Texas Tech a touchdown on a ball he CLEARLY didn't catch. What the hell are these Big XII officials looking at. There is no way in hell this play doesn't get overturned. I mean R.D. , you're my man and all, but if review holds this up....You can't accept this victory can you?

Four seconds remaining. Red Raiders at the 2.5 yard line. They have time for at least one play. Handoff to Henderson....He's stopped short!!

But the far judge calls touchdown??


They are going to review this one too. There's no way this kid scored. What are these officials doing and how big should the conference fine them? $10K, $20K? Play is upheld?!?!!?

Tech gets an early Christmas gift. A gift that the Big XII officials should be ashamed of.

Hello BCS?: Ohio State gets in with a dramatic 25-21 victory. I hate Jim Tressel, I think he's a slick coach and I can't explain how he escaped that Clarett situation without a scratch, but he's a winner on the sidelines.

Hello Tampa!: Hopefully Brian will stop by the pressbox while he's at the Outback Bowl and say hi a fellow BlogPoller. Ok, Michigan fans, you're allowed to pout for one day.

In Other News: Harvard, the home of one of my future wives (if Kat Osterman turns me down), defeated those punk-ass biatches from Yale in three overtimes. I really don't get down with Ivy League ball anymore since I moved from NYC....but YAY CRIMSON! :)...Five straight wins for Harvard...And if you need help counting to five Yalies, just count all the fingers on your left hand and include the thumb. I would say use your right hand but I think that's the hand that has the thumb you stick up your asses.

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