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Friday, November 11, 2005

Pre-Game Chatter

Lots of Spurrier-UF stuff out there. Obviously this game has turned out to be much more important than originally expected, mostly because of Spurrier's bang-up job with the Gamecocks.

This story from the Washington Post [link] is a little inaccurate because Spurrier has faced the Gators before, as an assistant coach with Georgia Tech in 1979.

This AP story says that [link] Georgia will be pulling hard for their old nemesis because it makes the Bulldog's evening date with Auburn much easier. A South Carolina win gives Georgia the SEC East title.
"It's all pretty interesting," Georgia coach Mark Richt said. "Well, I've got no problem cheering for Spurrier unless I'm playing him. And Auburn is going to rooting for Alabama? I'm sure that's for one day only. I doubt they'll be wearing red underneath their uniforms."

As for the Bowden Bowl, it's no more Mr. Nice Dad...It's been two years since a poor FSU performance saved Tommy Bowden's job in Clemson and a week since an equally poor performance saved Chuck Amato's job at N.C. State, thankfully no one else on the schedule is feeling the heat.

However the Bowden Bowl is becoming the the Bowden's burden...Someone has to lose, someone has to hurt and surprisingly, it's not the coaches. It's the woman who loves them both...Ann Bowden...
"Sunday morning, somebody is hurting," Tommy Bowden said. "It's going to be her husband. It's going to be her youngest son, (FSU offensive coordinator) Jeff, or it's going to be her favorite son, me.

"There's going to be pain. You see blood hurting, be it the father, the husband or son, probably more so the sons. There's pain for somebody nationally -- TV, radio, Internet. I think it reflects on her.

"We get paid well to hurt. She doesn't."

What about me? I hurt...I hurt when I watch FSU lay eggs like they did last week...Where's the solace for me.

Anyway, I should clarify myself on this whole Weatherford vs. Rix thing. I'll say that Chris Rix was the biggest pain in the ass to watch on TV...He did boneheaded things that were doubly annoying because he had the tools. Weatherford doesn't really have the tools so his mistakes should be more understandable.

But the problem is that he's making mistake because he doesn't have the tools. He can't avoid the rush, he can't sling the ball down the field. Rix could always break off of a run or just wing the ball 60 yards and get lucky. The luck element isn't there with Drew (unless you count dropped interceptions). He made a nice play against Maryland, but that's not something you can count on every day.

I might do something more on this later and add in the numbers. The numbers tell a story, it's a little depressing, but unlike Rix, I still have faith that Drew will improve.

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