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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Boring Beltway

These guys are no fun...[ESPN]

But there girls are!

And a word on Free speech

Baltimore, Md.: Tony Kornheiser was complaining on the radio today that he couldn't write about the Carolina Panthers' cheerleaders because The Post had not written a story on it first. His premise was that he could not comment on a newsworthy item unless the readers of The Post were first made aware of that news in the Post itself. Apparently, we readers don't have the wherewithall to learn things in the media outside the confines of The Washington Post. Is this "policy" common to all columnists at The Post?

Gene Weingarten: No. I can't believe you heard him right. That makes no

Full link here.

It's a sad day in the business when one of our good columnists can't write about the sexual escapades of NFL lesbian cheerleaders.

I bet it would've been in the Post had they been WNBA players.

Advice for the former Top Cats...time to leak a sex tape :)

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